People with addictive personality is an antecedent habit

According to Scientific American blog media reports, the researchers found that an addictive personality may bring benefits.

Addiction is a big problem today. People with an addictive personality are always tempted by billions of dangerous things, many of them addicted to the joy of capitalism.

It seems that this tendency is considered bad, but neuroscientist Judy Grisel of Bucknell University in the United States said that these people may have inherited a characteristic that is beneficial to our ancestors.

Grisel writes: “Addictive is very common, which suggests that this tendency may not be completely unfavorable.” “Unlike rare diseases, addiction is often the result of genetic transcription errors, and the addictive epidemic indicates that they are being evolved. Choose, not be abandoned.”

People with an addictive personality tend to look for new experiences. They may think of daily stability as boring, which explains why many people work too hard to get a stimulus.

Our ancestors lived in different worlds. Back then, when the drought stops all the trees from ending in your area, you’d better move to a new place. If you are interested in freshness, you are more likely to do this.

Grisel’s main concern is how our ancient ancestors benefited from this new behavior. But are we people who live in modern times? In this relatively affluent era, isn’t an addictive personality just a problem?

Grisel explains: “Our distant ancestors often encounter new and challenging opportunities, such as tracking dinner, dealing with unexpected weather events or giving birth alone in the forest. For ordinary North Americans, these things are not common.”

Of course, the addictive personality has its disadvantages, and no one wants to be captivated by opium. But the pursuit of novelty also has its benefits, because in some key aspects, the world today is not so different.

Most people have not tried to spear a wild boar recently, nor have they produced a child in the forest (although it is not excluded that there are people those want to be alone in the forest for stimulation). But unexpected weather events are not a thing of the past, nor a dangerous, ever-changing environment.

If your environment is stable, it is good to be satisfied where you are. But when the world changes, people need to seek new experiences. For example, when drought damages local crops, people with stray are more likely to migrate. When the old industry declines, people who like to try new things may be engaged in new careers faster.

Climate change is changing the environment around the world. When the coal is used up, alternatives will appear. People who enjoy stability may be easier to satisfy, but they are not necessarily so easy to adapt to new things, and people with addictive personality tend to look for new experiences.

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