Indian Chandrayaan 2 successfully entered the lunar orbit: expected to land on September 7

On July 22, local time, India successfully launched the “Chandrayaan 2” lunar probe. If all goes well, it will become the fourth country in the world after the United States, Russia and China, and will be the first to land on the moon’s the South Pole.

Due to the lack of propulsion power, the Indian Chandrayaan 2 has undergone many orbital changes around the Earth, and it entered the lunar transfer orbit on the 14th of this month.

On the 20th, with the help of the liquid rocket propeller, the Moonship 2 successfully entered the lunar orbit and began to fly around the moon.

In Indian history, it is an important milestone in the mission of the Indian lunar exploration.

According to the arrangement of the Indian Space Research Organization, the follow-up of the Chandrayaan 2 will be repeated four times on August 21, 28, 30 and September 1, and will eventually be positioned in a circular working track. The distance to the moon’s surface will be shortened to approximately 100 kilometres.

On September 2, the lander carried on the Chandrayaan 2 will be separated from the orbiter and then the last two orbits will be carried out. A soft landing is planned on the surface of the moon on September 7.

The Indian Chandrayaan 2 probe weighs 3.85 tons and includes orbital aircraft, “Vikram” lander, “Pragyan” lunar rover, carrying more than 10 various research devices, developed with the help of the Russian Federal Space Agency. However, most of the components are designed and manufactured by India.


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