16 Things That A Woman Must Carry In Her Hand Bag

For women, their handbags are more than a place where they can keep their cash. They mostly tend to keep their entire world inside their handbags because they treat it like a little home outside their original home which contains all the necessary items that are used by them for the whole day. The main purpose of carrying a makeup pouch by a woman is to keep a few cosmetic products that she needs very frequently for instant grooming or a touch-up. As time passes the products that are there in our makeup pouch piles up and at the end of the day we tend to carry our vanity within that small bag or a pouch. Though it might sound very cringy,  it is the truth that is known by all of us.

The items that are containing in a woman’s bag are quite unique from each other but you will still find some items which are common in everyone’s bag. In order to protect her health and skin, she must use cosmetics items that are eco-friendly and should make sure that they do not contain any harsh chemicals which can harm her skin and hair. It is not possible for women to carry all of their makeup products on a daily basis but it is very important to select some items of makeup products that are used by all of us very frequently and will also give an instant makeup look. So it is very important to select which of the makeup products are needed the most and which products will give an instant makeup looks and can be used in various ways.


Here is a list of some of the beauty products that are mostly used by women very frequently and must be carried in a purse on a daily basis to give her makeup and instant touch up.

A good concealer stick

Concealers are mainly used by a woman to even out the complexion and are used to hide all the imperfections in the skin. You need to choose a shade of your concealer that is closer to the natural complexion of yours and then you will notice that the blemishes in your skin will disappear like magic and your skin will look flawless within a few moments.

Choose a concealer which is in a stick format, convenient to use and you can carry it in your bag. You can use concealers to hide those dark circles under your eyes or any kind of dark patches around your nose or anywhere around your skin which looks red or tired. Using a concealer stick is enough to hide all those dark patches and tiredness under your eyes and is perfect to give you an instant touch up within a few minutes.

Your favourite lip gloss

Good lip colour is very necessary when it comes to complete your makeup look and adding a bit of lip gloss to your lips will make you look very attractive and you can grab attention very easily. If you’re confused about whether to apply lip gloss or lipstick then you should reconsider it. Though lipstick is quite opaque and is more catchy than any lip-gloss, if you apply gloss in your lips it will give your lips a shiny look and your lips will also look plumper.

Apply a shade of lip gloss that matches perfectly with the colour of your lipstick so that it can blend with your lipstick to give you a shiny and catchy look. So you need to choose your lip gloss very carefully so that you can carry it with yourself in your purse to keep your lips colourful, healthy and prevent it from drying. You can choose your lip gloss colours from light red, brownish pinks, beige, soft pinks if you are having a lighter skin tone, the ones who are having darker skin tone can try burgundy, red and brown. Though it is quite hard to find any organic lip-gloss in the market, you must use it to protect your lips from getting affected by any kind of harsh chemicals.

Your favourite lipstick

Using a correct shade of lipstick which matches with your skin tone can give you an outstanding makeup look. Even if you apply a dash of your favourite shade that can really brighten your makeup and make you look glamorous. If you love to highlight your lips and make it the focal point in your look then you can invest in good quality branded Lipstick with a beautiful Shade which perfectly matches with your skin tone.

From wide shades of lipstick, red lipstick is mostly preferred by the women because it is her secret weapon that makes her look very glamorous. Applying red lipstick in your lips to highlight your look will be the best option if you are not having any makeup in your bag. You can also use red lipstick to substitute it with your blush. To use your red lipstick as a blush, you can apply it in small dots with a brush or your hands on your cheeks and then you need to blend it perfectly with fingers. Then you will be amazed to see your cheeks turning to rosy pink instantly.

Nail polish

Nail polish is a very essential item to keep in your bag if you want to give your nails a beautiful look and to prevent your nails from getting broken. By using various kind of nail polishes you can also make nail paints and nail arts in your nails which will give a unique look to your hands. You can always keep chipped nail polish in your purse from your favourite shade that you love for a quick touch up. Keeping nail polish in your purse which dries very quickly will also take less time for applying it on your nails.

Eyelash curlers

Mascara is an amazing product which can open up your eyes, also adds some extra volume to your eyelashes, darken the colour of your eyelashes and makes it look bigger by highlighting your eyes. But if your mascara is not waterproof then it might go off and your eyelashes will come back in original form.

After applying mascara many times your eyelashes might stick out straight or it may sag. To instantly make your eyelashes curly and to open up your eyes you do not need to reapply your eyelash curlers because this product will give your eyelashes a spidery look which is also overwhelmed. Instead, you can make your eyelashes a little squeezy with your eyelash curler that will make you look super fresh within very less time.

Hair bands

You should always keep a hair band in your bag if you are having long hair. It doesn’t matter whether the weather is hot, windy, humid or rainy because it adversely affects your hair in case you are having a bad day hair day. Having a bad Hair day even affects the most gorgeous women and their confidence level becomes very low because it makes one look dull. But you can very easily turn your bad hair day into a good if you simply tie your hair into a ponytail or a beautiful braid or a bun your with beautiful hair bands which will give your hair a new look.

A good compact powder

To always keep your face glowing and for a quick touch up you must carry good compact powder in your bag all the time. Using a compact powder on your face will not only clean your sweat and give you a fresh look but it will also control the shine and will make your skin tone even. You must always use a branded company compact powder because the local ones are not much trustworthy and it might cause rashes or itching on your skin. It would be better if you can use any compact powder which is an organic product instead of buying a powder which contains harsh chemicals.

You’ll always get a built-in mirror with your compact powder set to check out your look and with this you do not need to always carry a mirror with yourself.

A Multifunctional cream

It is an amazing idea to keep a multi-functional or CC cream in your bag which can keep your skin pampered and will keep your skin glowing all day and also protects it from getting tanned. You can apply it in the areas that are mainly noticed by the others. You can apply this cream if you are feeling the skin of your hands is very dull or dry, flaky eyebrows, lizardy hands or chapped lips.

A multipurpose cream can serve all your basic purposes and also keeps your skin very glowing and healthy. You should always keep it in your purse as an essential item. This type of cream is made of ingredients which are organic and it is very quick and effective because this generally comes in a long and light tube which looks very fashionable and you can easily carry it in your purse.

A perfect Nail File

A nail file is something which one must keep in their purse because there is nothing worse than the irritating hangnail that you are carrying all day with yourself and feeling uncomfortable with it. If you buy any nail file which is cheap that can ruin all your nails so try to buy a crystal file which is much gentler on your nails and will last longer and they don’t cause any harm to your nails.

A nice smelling perfume

The scent is one of the most essential cosmetic product that one must keep in their bag. Moreover, a lady must always smell good and so she needs to carry it in her purse to fade away the bad smell from underarms or from any part of the body. Though most of the perfumes fade away after you apply it on your skin for some time so it is better to invest in a perfume which smells good, lasts longer and you can carry it easily in your bag while travelling. You always do not need to carry the whole perfume bottle with yourself because you can get the miniature perfume bottles of your choice in the market very easily.

A Good lip balm

Lip balms basically act as lifesavers for most of the women because this not only makes your lips soft and smooth but also gives a shiny glow on your lips. This product is carried by all girls in their purse from their school and college life and they follow this routine for their lifetime. Lip balms not only protect your lips from lie getting dry but also save you from the embarrassment of having bleeding and chapped lips.

To make your lips look lumpy, juicy and pink even in winter you must carry lip balm in your makeup pouch for all the times. You cannot apply lipstick over your dry and chapped lips so lip balm saves you from that and makes your lips glowing when you apply lipstick after applying lip balm on your lips. While buying a lip balm make sure that it is a branded one and if possible buy an ayurvedic product so that your lips will not get affected by any chemicals. If you are not having a lip balm at your home then you can make a natural one by mixing coconut oil and honey which will make your lips like butter.

Mascara for your eyes

Mascara is another very necessary product that must be carried by a woman in her makeup pouch. Every girl loves to make her eyes lashes look long and thick and wearing mascara makes eyes look very attractive. The brass that is provided for applying mascara is like a magic wand which helps in separating lashes, thickening them and makes your eyelashes lengthy which depends on the way you apply your mascara. The mascara which is thinner having finer brushes gives a more natural look to your lashes and the mascara which are thicker having fat brushes makes your lashes look more bolder and broader. After you apply mascara for the first time they do not need any touch up whether they are long-lasting or not.

When you are out for a whole day then there are times when you see that you’re mascara becomes faded, clunky or smudged because of rubbing your eyes and then you need to apply it once more to make your eyes look more glamorous. So a lady must keep mascara in her bag if she requires to give her makeup an instant touch up and can also wear it as many times as she wants. So you can apply a single coat of mascara while leaving your home in the morning and another one before attending any meeting in your office and can apply the last stroke if you want a bold look at the evening party. Mascara gives an amazing dramatic look to your eyelashes and makes them look very beautiful and gives it length and volume.


Kajal is a very important product to give your eyes an instant touch up so it must be present in your makeup bag. It not only makes your eyes look bigger but also gives your eyes depth and make your face look very fresh. It makes your eyes look very dark and highlights them and it is a must-have item in a girls purse for eye makeup.

Dry shampoo

It is not possible to carry your normal shampoo everywhere whenever you go outside. If you ever forget to shampoo your hair before going to a party or anywhere you can always use dry shampoo which will be a lifesaver and you can easily shampoo your hair. It also adds volume to your hair and is non-greasy when you do not have enough time to wash your hair with shampoo.

You can easily carry dry shampoo bottle in your makeup bag and this is also hassle-free to use because you do not need water to shampoo your hair. So all you need to do is to just spray sometimes shampoo on your hair from the roots and then comb your hair with a hairbrush and then you will be all set. It is also an excellent way to add extra volume to your hair and it also makes blowout fast and keeps your hair refreshed. Dry shampoos come in various shades and you can choose the shade of shampoo according to your hair.

Face Wash

This is also a very necessary item which a girl must carry in her bag to keep her face fresh and glowing. This is required to keep your skin clean and also makes you look very fresh. You can carry it in your bag while going to college or office and wash your face when your face looks dull at the end of the day due to the stress of your exam, a hectic day, some crazy schedule, before attending a party or before  going for your college fest to give your face a glamorous glow. For this reason, it is very important to stick to your daily skin care routine and you must wash your face every night before going to your bed. Use a face wash that matches according to your skin type and also helps in preventing pimples, cleansing excess oil and dirt in your skin which blocks the pores in your skin.


Applying sunscreen on your skin before going out in the sun is very necessary to protect your skin from getting tanned by the strong rays of the Sun. If you go out in the sun without applying sunscreen on your skin it might damage your skin texture and sometimes it is responsible for causing skin cancer. If you forget to apply sunscreen before going out you can always carry it in your bag and can apply it, later on, to protect your screen from damage. Even if the weather remains cloudy the sun’s rays can always cause damage to your skin. If you feel that your sunscreen is heavy to use on your face for your regular use you can use a moisturizer based sunscreen.

So, these are the makeup products that are lady must keep in her makeup bag to make her look herself glamorous and to keep herself refreshed. These products are a must have in your makeup bag if you are going out on a trip or your office or college. These products will help you to give an instant touch up to your makeup and we’ll protect your makeup looks. Keeping these products in your bag will save you for the day and you will be all set to rock.

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