International Women’s Day 2019: Smart automated devices for smart women in your life

Imagine every single woman you know in your life becomes a smart woman. Maybe it’s your mom, your sister, your daughter or your grandmother. The growing trend of IoT has not only boosted the usage of entertainment devices but it has also found its path to the home appliances. Nowadays, with a hectic and busy work schedule, modern women prefer smart and automatic helping hands for their homes. Let’s check out what’s all are trending on the deck.

Behmor coffee maker

Who doesn’t want a hot cup of coffee when entering home after a tiring day at office? How about you just enter your home, ask Alexa to brew a cup of coffee for you with the help of Behmor coffee maker. Not only this, you can also make control you’re the temperature from an app.

Behmor coffee maker
Vacuum Cleaner: Roomba i7+

A device which can be operated to clean your home when you are not at your place, WiFi Connected Automatic Vacuum Cleaner: Roomba i7+ Schedule the cleaning from your iRobot Home App, the device will start cleaning on itself, it will go back to its charging dock, and it will map your entire home flooring. If we talk about the dirt disposal, then it has an automatic self-cleaning technology. Something is missing? Maybe Alexa, that can also been integrated and the device can respond to your specific commands….
‘Alexa ask Roomba to clean the kitchen’ Isn’t it’s just Amazing!


Dyson pure cool

A mom never compromises with the health of her kids. Air purifiers have received a lot of traction in the household, especially if you are living in a city like Delhi! It can be remotely accessed and WiFi integrated. This device will give you air quality status and keep protecting the environment inside the house with its advanced Hepa and tri-coated carbon filters. Dyson pure cool link has successfully able to remove 99.95% of allergens and pollutants.

Dyson pure cool

Mi Home security camera

Keeping a watch for the safety of her house and her loved ones, whether she has her old aged parents at home, a small kid alone for sometime, or no one is there. Smart women prefers to keep a smart watch with IoT connected CCTV cameras. Mi Home security cameras are accompanied by an app on phone, which allows you to hearing what’s happening in your home since the camera unit had a built-in speaker and microphone.

Mi Home security cameras

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