How To Practice Self-Love And Self-Care

Self-love and wellbeing are not about building buff biceps it’s about having satisfaction in life, good mental health and keeping your energy levels high. It is about learning how you can take great care of your body mind and spirit. It is about self-love, self-respect and prioritising yourself so that you can live a purposeful and happy life and give the same to others. Everything in your life will work amazingly when you learn to love yourself. Though the concept is quite hard to master, it seems very simple. One thing I can guarantee you for sure that you will have the key to success in your hand if you learn to love and take care of yourself.

We find it easier to love others than to love ourselves but self-acceptance plays a very important role in developing a healthy relationship with others. With some little patience and practice, you will learn to love yourself too. The word self-love might feel elusive. In everyday life we love others in various ways like appreciating them, listening to them or helping them but when it comes to us self-love remains just a feeling and not something we can practice with time.

Most of the time we don’t practice self love not just because we don’t love ourselves but because we don’t know how to love ourselves in various meaningful ways to pamper ourselves. We also don’t know how one must actively take care of one’s emotional needs and how one should protect oneself when their love’s reservoir becomes dry ,and this is very essential to learn. Practicing self-love will not only make you a healthy person but  it will also make you better in communities and building healthy relationships. It will make you better for your big life, better for yourself and better for others.  Self-love comes in various ways and the meaning of it varies from person to person. Below I have given a list of ways by following them you can practice self love and care in your life and that will help you to nourish your mind body and spirit.

“How can I find my self-love: See -20 Self-love techniques to achieve it”

20 Self-love techniques to achieve it

Create a self love ritual

To pamper yourself you can take some time by turning off your TV and go offline on your social media about 15 minutes and concentrate on yourself. You can start taking care of yourself by moisturizing your skin or massaging your feet or by any other comfortable ways you like. By doing this you will not take your body for granted anymore and will feel blessed to have them and shower yourself with love and gratitude.

Try to build a precious community around yourself

In our everyday life we can do everything on ourselves because we need the help of others to survive in a community. To stay on track and feel motivated we always need the love and support from our friends, family and the  people living around us. Positive energy is very much contentious whether you are planning to go for a fun event or building network it is very important for you to have a community with whom you surround yourself with and interact with them regularly.

Make a list on “What’s working for me”

Very often we hear that before loving someone else we need to love ourselves first. To love yourself first you need to recognise the love you have all around yourself. One of the best practices you can do is to go within yourself and finding what really works for you and try to make a list on “what’s working for me” whenever you feel down or upset. Look at the list on a paper and try to accept all the positivity you having in your life that will make it much easier for you to love yourself and it will become much easier for you to love yourself.

Treat your body like a loving vessel

If you start treating your body like a loving vessel then it will not only boost your energy levels but also your confidence and self love. Be intentional before putting anything into your body not just because you want to look good but because you want to feel good about yourself. If you feed your body with foods rich in nutrients then you’ll have love oozing out of every pore in your body.

Always clean out your closet

Cleaning your closet might be more therapeutic than you think initially. Not only it will help you to clean your messy room a bit but it will also  leave a positive impact on your mind. In this way you can get rid of those old things and it will make room for new things to enter into your life. By cleansing your mind you can let go of your old jewellery, clothes and shoes that might remind you of a certain time in your life that is linked with negative vibration. Do not try to chase what has already happened in your past and give enough love to your self and remember the best is yet to come in your life.

Do not compare yourself with anyone

Very often we tend to compare ourselves with our friends and our family members or anyone we know. Many a times we browse  through social media only to see our favourite star photoshoot after they had an engagement or  had an awesome shopping spree. Its hard to look at the photos of their positive  moments on the internet after knowing that everyone goes through bad days and tough times. From the next time onwards do not browse on the internet to feel bad about yourself because you need to remember that you are perfect in the way you are. If you feel stuck in the pattern of compare and despair then it will only make you focus on the negative aspects of your life though there are plenty of things that you can be grateful for.

Learn to explore your spirituality

No matter what we believe in Faith remains the foundation of our self love. When you start to believe in something that opens your soul to the beauty of trust and believe. It will not only help you in building your intuition but also in making decisions which are based on your gut. If you explore your spirituality that can take you on a journey where you can discover new things about yourself and new passions,  thoughts, feelings and raw emotions which will make you appreciate yourself for being the true you.

Try to do things where you are good at

Nothing can act as a better self-esteem booster than this. Both self love and self esteem basically goes hand in hand and participating in your favourite hobby will not only boost your endorphins but will help to bring out your best version of yourself. If you love cooking then you can try to cook your favourite dish or if you love running then  you can wear your sneakers and go outside and can start running or participate in a Marathon.

Go to your favourite place where you feel

Think of a place where you find yourself to be in peace and is simple to be there, it means the place where you can sit quietly by embracing here and now. Do not think about what work is left at your office, or what bills are needed to be paid because you need to relax at that time and forget all your worries to remain at peace  in  this place. Self-love and self-care is all about connecting with inner self, and so that place becomes appropriate.

Learn to let go of your past

It tends to hold heavy on our souls when we constantly hold on to our past and that makes our self esteem low. If we learn to clear more blocks then our area of self love becomes bigger. In this way we can protect ourselves from being hurt and it is actually holding ourselves back from moving forward in our life to reach an optimum level of self acceptance and loving who we really are.

Celebrate and reward your accomplishments

Rewarding yourself is a fun part of self love whenever you make any significant accomplishment try to celebrate it with having  dinner at your favourite restaurant or buying your favourite fancy dress. Find a good reason to reward yourself by thinking of the hard work you do everyday. You can gift yourself a new book or  or any video game  you wanted to buy for a long time. You can also take bubble bath or a long shower to refresh yourself and make your mood light or you can also go for Solo fishing trip.

Take small steps to create the life of your dreams

Human desires are very powerful and so for turning your desires into action to make your dreams come reality you really need to take good care for yourself. By taking daily actions and moving forward to the life of your dream in small steps you prove that you are worthy of living the life of your dreams.

You doesn’t need to take a big steps just small and consistent steps in the direction which brings excitement, joy and care. This really  shows that you respect and care for your dreams and also for yourself.

Be compassionate towards yourself when you feel down

Many of us very often tends to beat ourselves down when we need to love ourselves the most. Whenever someone rejects us or we fail in something then at that time we feel more bad about ourselves and at that time we need to love ourselves the more than anyone else.

It is very normal if the things in our life every time doesn’t go as planned and then we need to choose to be most forgiving and loving person with ourselves. The next time onwards whenever you see yourself stumble and fall, saying wrong things to yourself or if someone rejects you or any of your project fails then simply ask yourself what all you need to do to make the things right and then spray those remedies all over yourself.

Make room for practicing some healthy habits

Start taking care of yourself by monitoring how you spend your time, how and what you eat and how you do your exercise. Do not do things just because you “have to do” or to “get it done somehow” but simply because you love and care for yourself.

If sometimes you doesn’t feel like going to the gym then you can put on your headphones and go for a walk. Create habits that are healthy both emotionally and mentally.

Improve your Body image

It was shown in the research in the University of Waterloo that regardless of whatever body shape or weight you have, women who are found to be kind and loving towards themselves have better body image and healthy eating habits than those who spend very less time in for giving themselves.

Strengthening your relationship with your better half

In the University of Texas at Austin it was found in the research that men and women who have self -loving better halves are more satisfied in their relationship than the ones who are having self critical partner. This is because the people who prioritise themselves on making themselves feeling happy and healthy also find it very easy to own up to and learn to correct their faults and mistakes they make in the relationship. So from next time if you forget your better half’s birthday then soothe yourself with some froyo and also give him a cup too.

Boost Your immunity

An extensive research conducted on trait at the University of Texas at Austin by an associate professor of human development and culture Kristin Neff, says that people who are better at providing comfort to themselves have better immunity system immunity response to their anxiety and stress and they don’t get easily anxious towards any situation. They are also likely to be  have better immunity and have less body-wide inflammation- fever, headaches and cold.

Be more optimistic in your life

It was taught in Maastricht university in the Netherlands to their female students to use self -care skills whenever they feel stressed and anxious in any situation and that greatly improved their confidence in their abilities and their optimism level. According to a review published in clinical Psychology Review of 20 studies show that if you treat yourself with love and care when you feel down can also ward off your chronic stress, depression and anxiety.

Learn to encourage others

Loving and pampering yourself doesn’t always mean that you need to go to a spa. It is as simple as spending few minutes on reflecting your closest values, practicing self affirmation and writing your best qualities will make you feel more sympathetic and kinder towards yourself and others. It is shown in a study conducted in Carnegie Mellon University that people who practiced this kind of similar exercises went to donate more money than those who didn’t practice these exercises. They were also seen more willing to help in picking up items that fell off from a shell during while conducting this experiment.

You can take care of this world by loving and taking care of yourself

Everyone’s life is filled with of ups and downs and it takes no time to transfer health into disease, success  turning into collapses, romantic love turning into coldness. Instead of being bothered by what happens on the outside we can surely build a solid foundation of self love in our inside.

Self-love is no more a luxury in our today’s society, instead it’s a necessity. So, you can start practicing and implementing some of the ideas of self-love given above and have compassion with yourself when you feel down or anything goes wrong in your life. All you need to do is to brush yourself off and get back into it once more. Because it is said that practice makes a man perfect.

Finally you need to realise that if you can take care of yourself then only you can take care of the of others and this world because our actions have ripple effect on others. Love yourself so you can contribute yourself in making this world a better place to live in.


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