How to Maintain and groom beard for a stylish look

A good looking stylish beard does not grow overnight. It takes a good amount of time and cares to have a gorgeous beard. If anyone thinks that having a good looking beard is an easy thing to do, then you are certainly wrong. There are some men who own a naturally gifted beard. It can be an easy job for them but not for most of the men. Just like how you put an effort to maintain a good suitable healthy hairstyle, to maintain a beard you need the same type of care and effort or way more than that to be a handsome beardo.

Us the men face different sort of problems regarding beard. Some men have a patchy beard or some have a very bad quality of beard that is very much hard to maintain. Some of us lack the knowledge of proper maintenance of beard. Even it takes a lot of time to discover the perfect beard style that might look good on our face or we just grow a big long manly beard and intentionally ignore the maintenance part of it considering that it will look good the way it is, we do not need to take care about it. But in reality, it needs some attention and care for a good healthy look.

There are so many beard product companies present in the world market that provides us verity of products to groom and maintain our beard. With the help of those products, we can groom our beard the way we want. And it will be very beneficial if we change a few things in our life that might make an impact on the health and quality of our beard.

1. Washing and moisturizing of beard

When you have your daily shower, wash your beard properly. Your beard goes through a lot of things that make your beard dirty and dull. The outside dirt, your own sweat, trapped foods and liquids in your beard, dead skin cells, effects of weather etc could damage your beard very badly and you may feel itchiness. So, timely washing of beard can reduce the damage. You can wash it in the morning and after a busy nasty day, when you come home. Use beard shampoo or balm to give it a good wash and shape. After the wash moisturize your beard to avoid roughness in it. Many beard conditioner you can find in the market to moisturize beard or the kind of shampoo or balm that has the moisturizing ingredients in it.

2. Select a style you would love to have

Always select a certain type of style from the beginning when you start to grow the beard that would look good on you. If you know the style then it will be easy for you to groom and maintain your beard on that direction. By doing so you could get an idea that how long you have to grow your beard, which shape you want, which part of the beard you have to cut or trim etc. Without having a preferable style in mind will create difficulties for your choices of maintaining the beard. Have a style that will complement you and your facial structure. Because if it does not match with your face and gives you a good look then all your hard work will go in vain.

3. The tools you will need to groom your beard

If you do not want to go to your beard stylist every single time then you must have some useful grooming tools to groom your beard properly. And at times we cannot manage time to go there or unavailability of the grooming shops or stylist will require the need of grooming tools that we can use. Buy some quality products that will help us to groom well. A trimmer to trim, a comb to brush it, a scissor to cut untrained beard hairs, beard shampoo or gel etc we would love to have in our possession to use them when we will need them.

4. Accurate beard line

A beard line can change the whole look of our beard and face. It is very important to know and maintain a proper beard line to give us a great look. Ignoring the beard line is not a sign of a proper style of beard and it will look just below the mark that could ruin your looks. Just know the line you want to have according to the style you are maintaining. Usually, the perfect line is in between your chin and neck. You do not need beard in your neck so remove it for a clean beard line. We cannot see our beard line without a mirror but people can. So, we should take a look at our beard line to give it a perfect shape of the line.

5. Combing of beard

We use a comb to brush our hair and make the style or give it a shape to look better. Our beard is no different from our hair. We should comb our beard regularly to maintain the shape and style of it. Many of us use the normal hair comb to brush the beard. It may work or you can use it sometimes but it will be better to use a proper wide-tooth beard comb that is built to use on the beard. And we can use a beard brush to make it clean and shiny. Regular combing of beard will give it a good quality style, texture and shape. It will also help you to strengthen the beard hair and overall you will have a well-shaped beard look.

6. Use of beard oil

To keep our beard healthy moisturized and up to the mark, we must use good beard oil for the betterment of our beard. Beard oil has the ingredients that we will need for our beard. Not just for the beard, it also helps to maintain the roughness of the skin underneath the beard. It keeps beard hydrated to avoid dryness and moisturized it to keep it soft and shiny. Without beard oil, it is very tough to maintain a long full-grown beard and you might not get the style or shape you want for your beard. Beard oil holds the structure of beard and keeps every beard hair in place to give you a healthy good looking beard and a proper shape to style.

7. Dry it after a wash

Maintaining a proper percentage of dryness in our beard is essential. Do not keep your beard wet for too long after washing it. Dry your beard after washing it and then use some moisturizer to keep it soft. Drying your beard with a blow dryer is not the best option to do because it can make the beard rough or tight. Try to make it dry naturally with the normal room temperature or if you use a blow dryer then use it with the coolest setting and dry it very carefully or gently. Do not dry it too much otherwise, you will lose the natural moisture and softness in your beard. Keep it dry but moisturized to have a fine quality of beard.

8. Trimming of beard

Most of us do not trim our beard when we grow our beard. Growing the beard and trimming it, is the proper way to shape and maintain our beard. The fact is beard does not grow equally to all of the places. In some areas, it grows more and faster and some of the places it grows less or slower. If you do not trim your beard in that time period then you will get an unbalanced beard that will not look good and after growing a full-grown beard it is very hard to shape it with the first trimming. So trim it while you grow your beard to give it a better chance to style it properly after you reach your targeted length. And there are always some curly hairs we should remove or trim to make it look good.

9. Learning the use of tools

It is not just enough to have the right tools to groom and maintain your beard. You have to learn it or should know how to use them or when to use them on your beard. Lack of knowledge on using the tools can hamper the process of having a well maintained good looking beard. Know how to use a trimmer to trim to cut it right, comb your beard to a right direction while trimming. You can use scissors to cut your beard or even shape the moustache to match it with the beard. Wash it or moisturize it in a way that it can cover the whole beard. Use the combination of combing with beard oil which is very effective for a good healthy beard.

10. Training of beard

Just like we need some specific training to learn and upgrade some specific skills, the training of beard is also important to grow or shape it in a specific way. Regular training can make your beard easy to style with your preferred choice. Daily combing or brushing of beard can make stubborn hairs catch the direction you wanted them to move and grow. It will give a good texture to the beard that will get in shape quickly and you don’t have to pay a huge time on shaping it after a certain time of training. Train your beard to be healthy, soft, silky and shiny with the appropriate tools and knowledge.

11. Patience is the key

Before taking the journey of earning a well-groomed beard, remember that it takes a lot of time and effort to achieve it. We must be patient while going through the process. The nature of beard is different from man to man. Usually, it takes time to grow a full beard so we have to leave it for a while to grow without cutting it and give some time to maintain or groom it for the style we wanted to have. You have to maintain it with care to give your beard a good shape. So keep it going and train your beard with patience.

12. Healthy diet

Grooming of beard is not the only way or enough to maintain your beard. With grooming, you must need a good healthy diet plan to enhance the quality of beard naturally. Take a look at your diet plan and check if it is good enough or you have to change it a little bit or totally. A healthy diet will help you to improve your body along with the health of your beard. Eat some food containing rich in protein, vitamins, omega–3 fatty acid to repair and grow your skin under the beard and the hair of the beard. It will make your beard strong, smooth, shinny, soft with a good texture and quality.

13. Physical activity

Exercise can increase the health and quality of beard. You do not have to workout hard. Just a little and effective physical activity will work perfectly. It will make you physically fit and healthy. A healthy body can grow a healthy beard. Exercise basically boosts the testosterone level in our body that helps us to grow a strong and healthy beard. While doing an exercise we sweat a lot, resulting in the release of dead skin and toxin from our body that makes our beard healthy. And it circulates blood and oxygen to every part of our body thus helping the beard growth via stimulation. So it is very healthy to do some sort of physical activity to improve beard.

14. Reduce stress

A good amount of stress can be the reason for your hair fall and it could be the reason for the bad health of beard. All over stress is bad for our health which may cause many types of physical or health problems so we have to reduce the stress level from our life to avoid any issues that can effect the growth, maintenance and quality of our beard. It consumes a lot of time, effort and patience to get a groomed stylish beard. If the health of the beard is compromised then we will not get results we are looking for by doing all the stuff to get a healthy beard. Reduce or avoid stress for you and your beard’s health.

15. Live healthily

Healthy living is related to a healthy beard. Our living choices must be healthy to have a healthy life. Drink a good amount of water daily, do not smoke or drink or have any kind of bad addiction, get a good timely sleep etc to make an impact on your health of the beard. Bad health means bad skin and bad unhealthy beard. All healthy things you intake or give your body that will work as an important molecule for your beard to make it healthy, well groomed and stylish. Your beard will become naturally good if you maintain a good life.

End of trimming and grooming

Have a great beard and join the club of beard men to enjoy it with satisfaction and happiness. It is not just beard, it is an emotion we express to personify our character. Compromising is not an option in that particular matter.

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