How to Look Good in Jeans (Guys): 15 Ways

To look good and great in Jeans, we don’t need to study some kind of rocket science, it is very simple just one should know what, where and how to wear jeans.

What is Jeans?

Well, we all know what is Jeans. Jeans is a kind of strong cloth that we generally wear pants or trousers. In today’s modern era, jeans are one of the most popular and fashionable trousers in the world but it has its own history. According to records and research, it was mainly used by the labours of mines, factories, dockyards, cowboys, farmers because of its ability to consume damage.

It lasts longer and cheaper than the other normal clothes. The clothing was invented around the late 16th century. Straight to the middle of the 1900s, it became popular among the teenagers for its cool looks and style. After that, it revolutionised the fashion industry over the years. As of today, we get different types of jeans pants which have a variety of style to wear and to look good.

But, yes there is a but. Exactly what kind of jeans you should wear or in which shape, style, colour suits you the most. Have you ever wondered why some of the jeans don’t look good on you but when you see others wearing the same type of jeans looking great on them? Even when you see in the videos or pictures that a certain type of jeans looking great on a model but when you buy the same pair of jeans it looks horrible on you. That happened with me so many times in the past.

So, there are some points on how you look good and what to avoid in Jeans :

Stacked or folding of jeans

To look good in Jeans never ever wear them with too much stacked or folded. When you buy jeans just look for the right amount of stacking.

If you want to fold it then a little bit of folding can look good on you but too much of folding could make jeans heavy from the bottom and trust me it doesn’t look good on you at all. Extra stacking makes jeans misfit, it creates a lot of circle type of shapes that are not the proper way to wear.

Stacked or folding of jeans

Image credit: GQ

A little bit of stacking is good though. Measure a stacking or folding according to your height. Many stores from where you buy jeans, provides you to alter the length of the jeans or you can avail this service in any tailoring shop.

Baggy jeans

Frankly speaking, baggies are out of fashion in modern days. You can see some people still wear baggies or in some places, it is still a fashion but the amount is very low.

In the era of slim fits, I would not suggest for baggies. It makes you look much shorter than your original height, wearing this will make you visibly fat. It may look good in a taller and physically good shaped people but everybody should go for slim fit jeans or a type of fit that gives you a good shape.

Baggy jeans not good

In the future baggy jeans may return as a new trend and with a new name. Who knows what the future holds. For now, you can throw your baggies in a corner of the cupboard. Not today.

Tight fit jeans(skinny), loose fit jeans

First of all, I would like to talk about skinny fit. It is one of the most uncomfortable and unhealthy types of thing. If you wear skinny jeans you can feel that it is not comfortable to do any kind of thing.

Even sitting is way more difficult in a pair of skinny jeans. It will prevent you from picking something on the floor or to do squats without ripping of the jeans. It’s a struggling thing to do. It feels like something is choking you.

Tight fit jeans(skinny), loose fit jeans

Try the type of jeans that give you a little bit of air space between the walls of the jeans n your skin. It may solve the problems you face in skinny jeans. Similarly, loose fit jeans may cause you the same problems what I discussed in baggy jeans section. If you are comfortable in loose fit then go for the regular fit jeans.

Ripped jeans

I think this the coolest thing about a pair of jeans. We can wear ripped cloth and still, it’s new, cool, sexy. It is next to impossible to wear other types of ripped clothing pants, not in my knowledge. But there is a thin line that divides style and vulgarity, class and nonsense.

So the catch is how many or how much ripping in jeans is classy and cool. I would say 3 or 4 small ripping or a certain amount of ripping that complements the jeans is the righteous way to wear ripped jeans. Remember, our goal is to look good, sober and acceptable.

Ripped jeans

Don’t do anything in the name of style. Ripped is good but too much of it can hamper your style statement and it can damage your personality.


One particular size fits you the most, always go for it no matter what. Oversize jeans or any other pants or shirts are the worst things to wear in modern days fashion. Many jeans companies give us many options in size. The fitting may vary from company to company and person to person.


If you have jeans that overall fits good but in some areas, you feel a bit of loose. Then you can fix (altering sideways) the fitting from any tailoring shop for your perfect fit of the body. By doing that your jeans could be the perfect match for you and it will carry your shape by giving you a well-toned appearance.

Oversize or misfit jeans can unbalance the outlook of your legs and will not look good on any person. Don’t adjust in jeans, adjust the jeans for you.

Correct waistline

We have seen people wearing low waist jeans, high waist jeans, middle waist jeans which is a balance in between high and low. Keep in mind that for what reason you are wearing it.

It depends on the dress type, purpose and location. You should be able to understand which waistline suits you the most. Most of the time we would go for the middle waistline.

Correct waistline for jeans

The high waist doesn’t look stylish and it is not the proper way to wear a pair of jeans or any other trousers. On the other hand low waist might be a unique kind of style but I do not find it sober or classy. A proper balancing of the waistline(middle) is acceptable in any kind of category of style and fashion.

Little bit stretchable

Try to use a few stretchable jeans. The stretching of the fabric helps us to move without any difficulty and it reduces the chances of ripping the jeans while stretching our legs or bend for some reason.

Little bit stretchable

It makes the fabric soft and sober. It doesn’t look or feel so rough. It perfectly fits with your body and gives you a good shape. But do not go for too many stretchable jeans, we are here to wear good jeans that look good on us, not a giant elastic band that looks awful.

Good stitching

Stitching is one of the most important aspects of any kind of clothing line. It can make your jeans properly shaped and can give you good fitting. The stitching line of the jeans should be done precisely. Imbalance stitching makes jeans poor and unacceptable.

Good stitching

Good quality of stitching can prevent from ripping off jeans. So always look for a good type of stitching, even if there is some stitching works in the back pocket area or in the belt area or in a ripped area then make sure it is done properly and precisely.

Number of pockets

The simple number is four. No more than that. 2 pockets on the sides or some may call it front pockets and 2 pockets in the back. In the past or even today, some jeans offer you more pockets.

Please remember the six-pocket jeans, eight pocket jeans or the cargo jeans that have multiple pockets or even in baggy jeans there are many pockets available. But that is out of fashion for sure.

Number of pockets

This is not the things we are looking for to look good in terms of shape and style. Simple 4 pockets in slim fit jeans are the exact thing we look for in today’s fashion industry.

Colour and shade

Back in the days, we had only a few colours to choose in jeans. Usually, we had the legendary denim jeans or blue jeans, white type of jeans and black type of jeans.

In the present day, we have various type of colours and variety type of shades to choose from the market. We just need to find the colours and shades for us.

Colour and shade

I would suggest going for the dark colours that suit you. Shiny Bright and loud colours don’t fit in jeans. The colour should be sober and classy. Choose the shades according to the colours. A few shades and well-worked shades would be perfect. And yes, denim is denim.

Good quality

Always look for jeans, with good quality. Quality makes a difference. If you buy low-quality jeans, it might look old from the beginning.

Even after one or two wash, the clothing might become rough and tough. After some time, the actual colour will fade away. It may deteriorate the looks of the jeans and certainly doesn’t fit in the category. At the time of buying, check the quality of fabric, colour, stitching etc.

Good quality helps us to uplift the outlook of the jeans and gives us the attributes to look good in jeans. We can use this type of jeans for a long time.

Body type

Every person has different types of body type and shape. We should wear jeans or any other apparel according to our body type.

Find the right matching shape for your own body, find the style that suits you the most. Depending on our height, weight, shape, like we need to decide what looks good on us and how we want to present ourselves.

Particular jeans fit a particular person, it doesn’t mean it will fit or look good on everybody. Everybody is different from the other person.

Matching pair of shoes

You buy good jeans, that fits you the most. You wear it with a pair of shoes, that is completely not going with the jeans. It is a total miss-match.

It is a loss of investments that you made on a jeans or even on those particular shoes. Try to wear the matching pair of shoes that complements the jeans. Try to use the right colour, design, shape and the style you wants to do. Shoes can make a difference in your outlook.

Combination with upper wear

I would like to draw some attention on upper wears. Many people would ignore this but, it is important. After all, it is the whole package that brings the best look out of you and your jeans.

Nobody roams without upper wear. Pick the well combined upper wear and jeans you would like to give a shot. Choose the right colour combination. The good thing about jeans is we can wear them as a formal or as a casual with any kind of shirt and t-shirt. So we have plenty of options to try.

Comfortable and confident

Above all, dressing is all about comfort with style and the confidant you will feel from it. Wear the type of jeans that gives you comfort and carry it with a confidant.

If you are not comfortable or lack the confidant wearing a pair of jeans, then you will certainly not look good in it. It is all about how you carry yourself. It gives you that extra bit of spark that helps us to look wonderful, stylish and fashionable.

Verdict- on way to look good in jeans

Hence, folks, these are some points I discussed above I think is important to look great and confident within a pair of jeans. In the end, you decide what you want to wear, how you want to wear or what kind of style you want to try, what suits you the most. Make your own style statement, that brings the best out of you. Be fashionable, it brings you the joy and happiness, that motivates you.

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