How to Live Your Life To The Fullest & happily: 19 Tips

We create the meaning of life with our own thoughts and action. We should always ask ourselves how we can move forward and what else we can learn more to grow ourselves into a better version of ourselves. If you want to be your best version you should stop yourself from blaming others without identifying your own mistakes if everything doesn’t happen the way you like them to happen. The meaning of living life to the fullest differs from person to person because everyone looks at life from different perspectives.

The truth of life is we only live once and that is also tragically short. It is very easy to look at other people’s life who are happy and creating an idea that no one understands your pain but the older we get and we tend to realise that happiness is a matter of choice and not a matter of luck or anything else. The people whom we see smiling in public also goes through tough times and every bit as much as people who scream, cry and frown etc. They Simply have the strength and courage to keep the smile on their face through it anyway. Since our life is short so we must live our life to the fullest in the best possible way. Some simple tips are given below by following which can give you a very happy and prosperous life.

How do you live your life to the fullest, here some ways:

Start By Discovering Yourself

Start By Discovering Yourself

Recognise that life is not a destination but a journey

This line is a cliché but it’s also true because life is about how you get somewhere where you are going and where you go. The Process of living your life to the fullest will take almost the whole of your life to develop and grow you. Do not get Frustrated with life if it takes some time for you to learn something new or if you experience some kind of setbacks in life because this is very natural.

Try to remain honest with yourself and others

Dishonesty snatchers away your happiness and energy. When we don’t stay honest with ourselves we simply hold ourselves back from growth and learning new things. If we don’t stay honest with others we simply damage the trust and intimacy we have with our loved ones.

We become dishonest for a variety of reasons. Research has shown that sometimes we tend to lie because we want to hurt others or are simply jealous of them. We sometimes tell lies because we are afraid that if we reveal the truth we will be hurt or we simply avoid confrontation because we are afraid of facing the truth. It takes courage to be honest with ourselves but if we do so it will help us to live a fuller and richer life.

Learn to accept yourself

Very often we spend a lot of our time while looking at what you don’t like about ourselves or something that we want to change about ourselves or the way we could have been different. We won’t be able to focus on our future if we spend most of our time on what we don’t like about ourselves or thinking of our past. You must make a conscious decision to love yourself just the way you are.

Make a list of your strength on what you are good at and that can be a lofty achievement like inventing a new technology or regular skills like being kind and friendly to others. By focusing on your Strength they can help you to develop and grow yourself and you will no longer see yourself as a failure.

Try to determine your core values

Your core values are basically your beliefs that help you to shape yourself who you are and the way you love your life. Your core values can be your spiritual beliefs or some strongly rooted beliefs in your blood and culture that are important to you. By focusing on your core values you can set goals for yourself which are “value congruent”. You will lead a more happy and fulfilling life if you live your life according to your values.

Always try to stand up for your beliefs and don’t let other’s opinions push you around. It is not impossible for you to do this and also be open to others opinions and ideas because many times they might surprise you with their amazing ideas.

Try to challenge negative self-talk

Sometimes self-criticism is confounded by society by helping us to improve ourselves. It is shown in the research that if you are more hostile and Critical towards yourself then you will also behave in the same way towards others. Negative self-criticism or self-talk will never help you to become a better person or in a path of achieving your goals. You can try self-compassion and self-kindness to improve yourself.

If you consistently tell yourself what is wrong with you or what you do not like about yourself then try to be positive and challenge those of your negative thoughts and try to replace them with positive ones that will help you to build a good self-image and boost your confidence level.

Criticizing someone can be too easy but always try to think logically about those of your negative self-criticism. Response rationally to your self-criticism whenever you find yourself being harsh towards yourself.

Learn to accept change

Very often we easily become frustrated is because we cannot accept change and we expect everything to remain the same for year after years. Though life is full of change. Always learn to embrace change and growth and to adapt yourself to any new situation and challenges that come your way.

You can develop flexibility by fostering positive emotions like optimism and happiness.

Find patterns in how you respond to any new situation or event. Then Try to determine what was positive in it and what not. You will learn to modify your responses towards any situation that are not helpful and will learn to adjust and adapt in any kind of situation. Not only it will help you to feel better about yourself but also you will learn to interact in a better way with others.

Look at those negative events as learning experiences. If you look at your negative situations as failures then that might lead you to obsession instead learn to grow yourself into your best version. Try to see your roadblock or a challenge as a new opportunity and positive space for improving and learning something new.

Love your body and take good care of it

Taking good care of your body and loving it is also a part of living your life to its fullest. Take good Care of your body in a way to make sure your body is able to carry yourself in learning and adventure.

Follow a balanced diet which will keep you healthy and avoid the foods which are high in empty Calories and sugar. You must eat plenty of complex carbohydrates, fresh fruits, vegetables and lean proteins. Don’t deprive yourself of having a slice of your favourite cake or a glass of wine on a rare occasion.

Drink enough water to stay hydrated water as Men should drink at least 3 litres of water per day and women about 2.5 litres of water per day.

Exercise Daily in the morning as studies have shown that if you exercise on a regular basis that will help you to live a happier and healthier life. You can aim for about 3hours of moderate aerobic exercise each week.

Practice Mindfulness

Practising Mindfulness will help you to keep your focus on what is happening around you at the present moment. Mindfulness helps you to accept everything as they are instead of judging your experiences because it is rooted in Buddhist tradition.

If you are constantly bothered by what happened in the past or what will happen in the future you cannot live your life to the fullest. If you learn to be mindful when you will worry less about your past or your future.

You can learn mindfulness through various ways like spiritual study and mindfulness meditation. You can also practice exercises such as yoga and Tai Chi.

There are many benefits of mindfulness meditation like improved mental and Physical health, better interaction with others, lower levels of stress and you will have a great sense of your overall well-being.

You should stop “shoulding” yourself

Shoulding was a term coined by a famous psychologist Clayton Barbeau. It is the tendency of doing something against our wish if that doesn’t even fit our goals or values by telling oneself that they “have to” do that. This type of “should” statements cause a lot of grief and dissatisfaction in us. By eliminating this kind of statements you can live your life more fully and peacefully.

Follow Your Own Path

Follow Your Own Path

Push yourself to come out of your comfort zone

Researches have shown that if you push yourself beyond your comfort zone then you can perform at your best. This is also known as embracing “optimal anxiety” which means that if you are more willing to challenge yourself then you will become more comfortable with new experiences.

Since we are not comfortable with failure so it is terrifying for us to take the risk. Most of us are afraid of taking a risk for the short term.

The people who do not take a risk in their life or push themselves for more challenge, then they are more likely to regret it later in life.

If you try to come out of your comfort zone occasionally then that will help you to grow your flexibility, which you need to face unexpected roadblocks in your life. Start with something small and then you can set bigger goals for yourself.

Set realistic goals for yourself

You must set goals which are attainable for you according to your talents and abilities. You must consider each of your effort to be attainment and achieve towards security and stability one step before another.

Set goals for yourself that are meaningful to you and never compare your goals with anyone. If your goal is to learn to play a song on a guitar then don’t get frustrated if you don’t become a rockstar guitarist.

Set your goals performance-based because achieving your goals will take motivation, hard work and dedication. You do not need to make sure that you can achieve your goals through your hard work and your effort because you need to remember that you cannot control anyone else except you.

Learn to embrace vulnerability

Most people tend to take chances when they live their life to the fullest and they go after what they want to make decisions that have some consequences. Sometimes everything doesn’t go the way we expect them to be. Embracing vulnerability is accepting the possibility that things might happen differently than we planned because it is very crucial to experience life in an open, full and honest way.

Vulnerability helps you to prepare to take action in every area of your life. Suppose you are afraid of being honest and open with someone just because you might get hurt from them then you cannot develop a truly intimate relationship with that person. You might miss out many opportunities if you are afraid of taking a chance because of the fear that it might not work out.

Always look for learning opportunities

Always be active in your life and never wait for everything to just happen. Learn from every situation you come across that will help you to avoid stress in the challenging period and will keep you focused on moving forward instead of looking backwards.

Our brain becomes active when we learn new things or actively question or investigate any experience.  By doing all this you will feel healthy emotionally and mentally.

Practice gratitude

Gratitude is a way of life and not just a feeling which requires active practice. It is shown in the research that if you practice gratitude you will feel more positive, happy and healthier. Gratitude not only helps you to strengthen your relationship with others but also help you in overcoming your past trauma.

Be grateful for the things that happen in your daily life and tell your friends, family and loved ones that how grateful you are to get them by your side. Share and express your love and by practising being more grateful you will feel much happier and fulfilling in your life.

Laugh as much as you can

Laughter is a great medicine as it helps in lowering your stress hormones and release endorphins which act as your body’s natural mood Elevators. It also helps in burning Calories and sends oxygen to the body by making you feel more healthier and positive.

It is also known to be contentious because when we express our joy through our laughter others share it with you. Laughing together creates social and emotional bonds with people.

Love everyone around you

Always be selfless in your attitude towards others because that is the thing that holds us back in our life focusing on the idea that we “deserve” things in a certain way. This type of feeling results in feelings of anger and dissatisfaction because you need to give love without expecting anything in return and try to love others when it is hard to stay by their side.

Learn to forgive others and yourself

Forgiveness is very healthy for your body and soul. Forgiving sometime becomes very difficult but that helps in reducing stress and blood pressure and also helps in lowering your heart rate. You will feel happier and fulfilled if you can forgive someone even if other person doesn’t accept his faults.

Try to accept everyone around you

Always be kind and courteous to your friends family and neighbours. Enjoy everyone’s company while staying with them. Treat everyone the way you like them to treat you.

Learn to give back

Try to be selfless while serving others you can begin your service with your neighbour and do Charity outside your community as well. Doing charity will not only make you a better person but it will also help the less fortunate ones.

If you really want to live a happy and fulfilling life try incorporating these above tips in your daily life and you can really have a very exciting and thrilling life and live the life of your dreams.

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