How to get kids to eat vegetables?

According to a survey conducted by the US Health Agency, only about 20% of children consume enough vegetables per day to meet demand. While some children are willing to eat vegetables, many children are picky eaters or eat only foods of a specific color, shape or texture. Fortunately, it is not difficult for parents to encourage their children to eat vegetables.

Children who eat only certain shapes, colors or materials are more likely to develop the habit of eating vegetables. The peeler can be used to cut vegetables into a variety of good shapes. The range of colors of vegetables is also very wide. If your child likes to eat crunchy foods, you can eat raw vegetables or eat them slightly. In the case where the child prefers soft food, it is better to cook the vegetables for a while.

Children who like to have fun in food are also encouraged to eat vegetables. For example, you can immerse celery and carrots in peanut butter, or put some green peppers and cucumbers in Yogurt, which is not only good-looking, but also delicious. Most children like salad dressing, which makes any vegetable delicious.

get kids to eat vegetables
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Some children only eat pasta and it is easy to encourage them to eat vegetables. For example, you can steam the pumpkin and dig it out, which looks like noodles. Children like to eat spaghetti with noodles and cheese. Most of them don’t even know that it is a vegetable if they don’t tell the children.

If your child loves to eat snacks, put some vegetables in the bowl they can get. The sweet pepper tastes very sweet and is easily accepted by children. Cucumber strips are also snacks that kids like to eat. Children see you eating vegetables and they are more likely to learn to do it.

Some children, regardless of the measures taken, refuse to eat vegetables. It is a good idea to sneak vegetables into food without their knowledge. For example, broccoli can be mixed in pasta sauce and chopped carrots. Think about it and find out how many vegetables are hidden in the food your child likes.

As long as you encourage your child to eat vegetables, you can develop healthy eating habits. In addition, it is important to make sure your child sees you eating vegetables while eating.

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