Advantages of wearing shoes and what features a shoe must have

Majority of the human population use shoes for their daily activities. We can’t even think of walking or travelling in the streets without a pair of shoes. Shoes are manufactured according to our likeness, work type, activities, health and fashion etc. There are various brands of shoes available to pick. We buy or use those, what we like or what we need. Life would become very frustrating without any shoes. Just imagine yourself living your life without shoes, not possible for me. They are like extra feet for us.

Wearing a pair of shoe has many kinds of benefit. Generally, we do not pay attention to those things. We are just programmed to wear it and do not think too much of the beneficial side of it. Shoes are scientifically designed to support our feet and our whole structure. Our feet carry the whole weight of our body and shoes help them to share some of the burdens we put on our feet. If we get to know the advantages of shoes then we might be able to know that it is so much more valuable than what we actually think of it.

When we understand the preciousness of wearing shoes then we would probably think exactly for what reason a shoe is able to help us or what kind of features we need or what we should look for in pair of shoes that might be useful to us without facing any difficulty.

Here is a list of things that a shoe can prevent and provide with the help of its features.

Advantages of wearing shoes :

1. Infection and disease –

Shoes can prevent any kind of foot infection, a fungal nail infection or any kind of disease that we might catch through our feet. If we don’t use shoes properly then we might end up having one of those infections or diseases. In today’s world, there are plenty of bacteria or virus that can be very dangerous for us. We should be very careful about those things. For a diabetic patient, it is very important to be extra careful of their feet and must use healthy shoes that can protect them from any kind of infection or disease.

2. Injury –

We can get injured at any time. A shoe can help you to prevent any type of foot injury that we can get from any harmful object. A properly covered shoe can make an impact on our feet and helps us to walk without sustaining any injury. Not using shoes will be risky because it may get you ended up being injured easily. It is better to wear shoes every time you go somewhere. We should avoid any foot injury that can hamper your ability to walk properly and freely. If we face any difficulty while walking because of a foot injury then it can create a problem for us in our daily works.

3. Joint pain –

Sometimes we feel pain in the lower portion of the joints in our body. The reason for the pain may be variable but one of the reason could be lack of wearing proper shoes. A good and healthy shoe can cure our joint pains if we use them correctly. Shoes can release stress from our joints and distribute it properly. It can prevent joint pain which is good for our health.

4. Back pain –

It is the most common problem that nearly everybody face. It is unbearable and we cannot do much about it. Shoes can help to prevent some of the back pain which we face because of an improper surface. A shoe can make us stand straight in an improper surface that can reduce the pain in the back. It will bring some relief to our body and even can cure the pain with the help of some shoes that are built for medication.

5. Right posture –

To live a healthy life, shoes can help us to correct our posture while walking or running or standing on any surface. Bad posture can create multiple problems in our body. Shoes can distribute our body weight in a righteous way that will help us to posture correct. A right posture can cure any kind of pain that we might suffer from bad posture. When you buy a shoe, always check if it can give you the posture you need or not. Wrong postured shoes can make your life painful. So never compromise on a shoe that doesn’t make you feel good and healthy.

6. Protection –

Shoes can protect our feet from many kinds of dangers that can cause us many problems. It can protect from broken glasses, edgy rocks or anything that has the ability to hurt while walking or running outside of the home. We will get protection from any hot surface that could burn our lower skin of the feet and it keeps our feet warm in a cold place which can act as a relief for our body. Even we have shoes that can prevent our feet from getting wet in the rainy seasons or on a rainy day.

7. Better performance –

In a pair of shoes, we can perform better rather than performing in barefoot. We can walk quickly, run quickly, climb quickly wearing a good pair of shoes. we have different types of shoes for different types of activity. In running shoes we can run better, in sport’s shoes we can level up our performance, in healing shoes, we can heal better and faster. Choose the right kind of shoe according to your activity that can help you to boost your performance. If you can improve to perform better then you can achieve your goals quickly. Shoes might help you to achieve your target.

8. Strong grip –

We need to have a strong grip on our feet to do any activity. we do not have that much of a grip in barefoot. Shoes can provide us with that strong grip which is essential for our safety. If we do not get a strong grip then we might slip in the streets or in a track while walking or running and could be ended up being hurt or injured. We get stability from a strong grip that can prevent us from slipping and it helps us to upgrade our presentation. Use the shoe that has a good soul and a strong grip.

9. Clean and tidy –

Our foot remains neat and clean if we wear fully covered shoes. Walking barefoot cannot give you that privilege. It protects us from dirt, dirty surface, dirty water and the things that can make your feet extremely dirty and smelly. Dirty naked legs can cause many kinds of skin infections and skin diseases which will cost you your time, money, well-being etc. All the time wear shoes when you go outside or in a dirty place for your own well-being.

10. Good looks –

Ok, this is nothing to do with your health, pain, safety, performance etc but I think every one of us will become very happy to get a good look. In the fashion world, we have a variety of shoes to choose from. Imagine yourself wearing a good outfit without a pair of shoes. Will you look good in that? Hell no. Shoes are one of the most important things to look good in any kind of outfit. Pick the best matching pair of shoes you have, to wear with your outfit. Without shoes, it is difficult to dress properly and to look good.

Features a shoe must have :

11. Good quality – buy the shoes that come with good quality.

A quality shoe can make your feet, body and mind happy and healthy. Make sure it’s made of good material. A low-quality shoe can cause foot pain and you can’t walk or do anything with it for a long time. It is one of the main reason of having joint pain, back pain, leg pain, body pain, bad performance etc. Quality shoes may act as medicine for us. Another good reason for having a good quality shoe is we will be able to use it for a long time. Do not buy any kind of shoe to save some money because of its cheap price. If a shoe can give you the quality you need then it is worth the price you are paying.

12. Shape and size – the shape and size of any shoe are designed to help our feet for doing anything with ease.

Compromising in shape and size is bad idea. If a shoe doesn’t fit properly then it may create problems for us. Short sized shoes can produce pain in our feet or in our toe. Using it for a long time may cause multiple body pain. We do not want any of these troubles for sure. Shoes with matching shape and size that you need will adjust with your feet. Remember, each and every person has a different shape and size of their feet, choose the shoe that can provide your size and shape you deserve.

13. Comfort – when we buy a shoe, the first thing we look for is a comfort.

Without comfort, a shoe is nothing but trash. A comfortable shoe should give us the security we need for our feet and the relaxation we merit. Use the shoe that has proper padding inside the soul. The inside walls of a shoe must be soft enough to give comfort. I think we can compare a shoe with a coconut, strong from the outside and soft from the inside. The perfect combination we need for safety and comfort. Keep in mind when you buy a shoe that should have this kind of nature.

14. Lightweight – we have different weight class for shoes.

Always keep trying to use lightweight shoes because of its good calibre. Our feet and leg carry the whole weight of our body, we don’t want our feet to feel or carry that extra weight just because of a heavy shoe. It is uncomfortable, unhealthy, depressing for our feet and body. If you have any joint pain, back pain or foot pain then a heavy shoe will accelerate the pain and can damage your body health. On the other hand, a lightweight shoe can cure this kind of pain and helps you to prevent it. With a lightweight shoe, we can walk, run, perform without any effort that we might have to give wearing heavier shoes.

15. Air circulation – it is healthy to use breathable shoes.

It helps us to keep our feet healthy and happy. The shoe that cannot breath is unhealthy because it prevents the circulation of air inside the shoe that can keep our feet moisturized. Without air our feet can get sweaty and can create bacteria, which is responsible for bad smell and infection. You will feel like the shoe is chocking your feet after wearing it. Even you could feel that without proper air circulation your feet are heating up. It is very much unhealthy for your feet. Use breathable shoes that can circulate air in our feet for the sake of your health of the feet.

We should wear or use shoes for a healthy, happy and comfortable life of our feet. That will make our life a little bit easy and we do not have to worry about our foot problems or the difficulty we have in our body because of it.

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