9 kinds of unhealthy lifestyle effect people’s own health

The World Health Organization has summarized the factors affecting health as follows:
Health = 60% lifestyle + 15% genetic factors + 10% social factors + 8% medical factors + 7% climatic factors.

This shows that lifestyle management is an emerging individual important strategy for everyone’s health management. A healthy lifestyle needs to be cultivated. The concept of lifestyle management is to emphasize that individuals are responsible for their own health.

Lifestyle management can achieved by:

  1. Education Transfer knowledge, establish attitudes and change behaviour.
  2. Incentives Behavioral corrections are carried out through measures such as positive reinforcement, negative reinforcement, feedback promotion, and punishment.
  3. Training individuals to master the techniques of the correction through a series of participatory training and experience.
  4. Marketing: Use social marketing techniques to promote healthy behaviours, create a healthy environment, and promote individuals to change unhealthy behaviours.

The core of lifestyle management is to develop good living habits. For a long period of time, people have developed a series of health plans themselves. The executives rely on perseverance and consciously. With the rise of the mobile Internet, lifestyle management methods are changing. Mobile lifestyle management tools such as Fitbit, etc. Providing convenience to people, making the development of healthy lifestyles interesting and motivating.

However, Here are nine kinds of unhealthy lifestyle which people follow to harm their health.

unhealthy lifestyle effect people’s own health

Unhealthy Lifestyle Habits of People

Proper lifestyle can enhance people’s own health. There was a survey conducted of 932 people, which concluded the following things:

Unhealthy lifestyle 1: Lack of physical exercise

Extremely lack of physical exercise,
among the 932 respondents, only 96 Exercises are fixed at regular intervals every week, and 68% choose “nearly exercise”. This can easily cause fatigue, dizziness and other phenomena, leading to obesity and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

Unhealthy lifestyle 2: D
on’t seek medical treatment.

If you are sick, don’t seek medical treatment. The survey shows that nearly half of people buy medicines when they are sick, and one-third of them simply ignore any “small problems” on the surface. Many of the diseases of working families have been delayed, and the best treatment time has been missed. Some diseases have been concealed by the surface of the drug and accumulated into serious illness.

Unhealthy lifestyle 3:  Do not eat breakfast

As the pace of work speeds up, eating a breakfast that meets nutritional requirements has become a luxury for office white-collar workers. Of the respondents, only 219 were regular and had breakfast according to nutritional requirements. It is common to not eat breakfast or to slap a few mouthfuls.

Unhealthy Lifestyle 4: Lack of communication with family members

More than 41% of office workers rarely communicate with their families. Even if family members take care of them, 32% of them often take care of them. In the absence of communication, grooming and catharsis, the mental pressure of the office crowd is increasing.

Unhealthy lifestyle 5: Long-term in an air-conditioned environment

At work, more than 70% of people stay in air-conditioned rooms almost all year round except for going out to work all year round. The “greenhouse man” has reduced body regulation and disease resistance.

Unhealthy lifestyle 6: Frequent sitting.

Among the respondents, 542 people have the habit of sitting down and not standing up unless they go to the toilet. Sedentary, not conducive to blood circulation, will cause a lot of metabolism and cardiovascular disease; sitting posture for a long time fixed, is also an important factor in the incidence of cervical and lumbar spine.

Unhealthy Lifestyle 8: Cannot guarantee sleep time

More than 60% of people often cannot guarantee 7 hours of sleep time. Not giving proper relaxation and sleep can cause fraustration, dark cirlce, weakness and more…

Unhealthy lifestyle 5: Long Computer or Smartphone Display explosure

31% of people who are facing the computer for a long time often use the computer for more than 8 hours a day. Excessive use and dependence on computers, in addition to radiation, also make eye diseases, lumbar cervical spondylosis, and mental illness very common in the office community.

Unhealthy Lifestyle 6: Three meals are irregular

More than one-third of people can’t guarantee to eat three meals on time, and irregular eating can cause gastric and obesity problems including indigestion.

Unhealthy Lifesytle 7: Eat junk food.

In the busy and hectic lifestyle especially of Urban areas, a burger or pizza may sound good at the time when you are hungry but beware our sitting habit and these types of foods are perfect amalgamation to give obesity because they are high in sodium and fat. And also the American Heart Association (AHA) recommends avoiding. Try to swap out fast food for whole grains, lean meats, nuts, fruits and vegetables. For example Salad, Sprouts, Oats and more…

Unhealthy Lifestyle 8: Smoke

Everybody knows that the Smoking is bad for health and we are deliberately affecting our health. Because it deters the supply of oxygen to our heart which is a vital part of our body. Burning cigarettes are like igniting the growth of plaque in your arteries. It can block your arteries which may cause a blood clot.  This results in a heart attack or stroke.

Unhealthy Lifestyle 9: Drink alcohol. 

Ocassional drinking can be acceptable but frequently and heavy drinking can hurt the perfromance of Liver and heart. The AHA recommends not exceeding two drinks per day for men and one drink per day for women. The more alcohol you consume, the higher your risk is for increased blood pressure and stroke.


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