20 fashion mistakes of men that ruin their style

From childhood to adulthood, from a boy to a man we guys always try to look good according to our taste, choice, colour, likeness etc. From a very little age, we start to learn about the lessons of fashion and style. Everybody wants to create his own style statement or want to follow someone who provides us with a good taste of style. The fashion industry is changing every day and creating new styles and trends. It is very difficult to follow or stay updated all the time with the trending fashion styles. But we try our best to stay updated and fashionable. A good fashion sense and style statement give us an extra advantage to elevate our looks, confidence, and personality. With some proper tools and a little bit of knowledge, we can make a good style statement.

It looks like an easy task to dress well or to maintain a good style but men usually miss the basic things that could ruin our style or fashion. We should know and learn the basics of it and try to practice a habit so that we would not make that kind of same and silly errors in the future. We don’t need to concentrate heavily or give too much time on it to learn the mistakes and rectify. It is very simple and useful for us and just needs minimum attention to correct our style mistakes. And if we learn and implement those tricks then my friend it will work like a magic and will give us a classy eye-catchy and presentable style.

So, let’s get it done –

1. Walking advertisement board

Do you have a t-shirt that has a company logo or name in the whole chest area or front area? If you have this type of cloths then please do not wear it for the rest of your life. Never buy the type of t-shirts or shorts or any trousers or shirts which has big prints of names, logos or tags on them. We dress well to look good, not to make advertisements for those companies. And it is simply bad for our style. A short or small logo or name will work on any garment. Try to wear it sober and clean.

2. Appropriate watch

In the era of smart gadgets, we do not need a watch to see the time. Every single person can see time on their phones. In the present world, the watch is more like an accessory that we wear to maintain a proper style. We have plenty of options in the watch segment. We have smartwatches, digital watches, analogue watches, sports watches, casual watches etc. pick the watch that would complement the dress and style you are trying to do. When you dress formal, wear a formal watch or when you are doing any physical or sports activity, wear a smartwatch to track your condition or a sports watch. Do not wear a digital or sports watch with a formal dress. It will demote your style. Find the matching watch according to your dress and activity.

3. Right footwears

First of all, do not wear flip flops all the time even with your jeans. It is one of the most common mistakes most of the men do. Then do not use old ragged shoes to dress and style well. It will ruin your looks totally and people usually first see your feet and that is the first thing would help you to make an impression. Select the shoes that will give you a good allover look. Use formal shoes with formal dresses, use casual shoes like sneakers or loafers with casual wears, try sports shoes while doing sports activity. Choose the proper colour and shape that will go well with your style and need.

4. Tight fit/loose fit clothes

We all have our own size and shape and we should wear our dresses according to it that suits us the most. Any tight fit dress will chock you from the inside and will look like that you are wearing someone else’s clothes. It will not give you the proper style you would love to have and for skinny people, it is a crime to wear tight fit clothes because it will make them visibly skinnier.
On the other hand, wearing too much loose or large-sized cloth will make our dress saggy. We would look like a fat, short, unhealthy man. Wearing proper well-sized cloth will give us a great outlook and style.

5. Too long/short length pant or upper wear

Wearing too long pants will cover up your shoes and you will feel uncomfortable to walk, run or doing any activity. Long shirts will cover up your full hands even your fingers or a half sleeve shirt or t-shirt will cover your elbows and do not provide much of a style. It will prevent you from working smoothly.
Wearing short pants will be unable to cover our lower legs and make it look like that the pant is not made for us. Likewise short length upper wears will not highlight your style and for any reason, if we move our hands up in the air your belly bottom will be visible from the outside and we surely do not want that to happen.

6. Not wearing a belt

If a pant has a section to wear a belt then please wear a proper belt with it. Belts are one of the major things that will help us to dress better, look better with comfort. If we dress formal then a belt is a must accessory to wear. Anytime we wear a good pair of jeans, wear them with belts on. You can wear a belt that matches the colour of your shoes. By doing so, you will look more classy and fashionable. And it will give extra protection from slipping of the pants from your waist. Not wearing a belt will give you nothing but a bad taste of style and uncomfortable vibes.

7. Shirt buttons undone

We all wear shirts. Some wear it buttoning all of the buttons; some wear it unbuttoning some of the upper buttons. But, what is the actual way to wear a shirt? When we wear a formal shirt with a proper formal look we only unbutton the collar button and if we wear a tie with it then we button our shirt totally. If we wear a casual shirt with jeans or trousers then we can unbutton the upper two buttons, not more than that. Unbuttoning too many buttons will decrease our and the shirt’s look. And it could expose our chest way too much.

8. Wearing formal shirt without tucking

While dressing up a classy formal look, wearing a shirt without tucking it is a strict no. even when we wear a shirt with jeans that require tucking, we should tuck the shirt. It will elevate our looks and give us a proper classy style, the style we exactly love to have. If we do not tuck it or tuck it properly then we would end up being unfashionable, unstylish, bad looking, and improper dressed guy. So never forget to tuck your shirt when you want a good formal look.

9. Popping up the collar

Remember one thing, that no matter what style you want to try or what fashion you want to carry or what dress type you want to wear, never pop up your collar of the shirt, t-shirt, jacket or whatever you are wearing has a collar on it. Popping up the collar of your shirt will look unfashionable, classless, and would give you a bad look. There are certain styles and some jackets that are made to cover our neck and the style complements the popping of the collar, in that cases, we can pop up our collar but not for all the dress types that don’t require the popping of collar.

10. Undershirt visibility

When we dress up properly, many of us would like to wear an undershirt vest that will protect our skin and give us a good shape for our outer look. When we wear a shirt or t-shirt after wearing a vest, make sure no one can see it from the outside. We should hide our vest totally from visibility. And do not try to wear a different coloured vest that will not match with your shirt or a loud colour vest that might be visible through the upper wear. For example, a black vest could be visible through a white shirt.

11. Deep V cut t-shirt

We can choose many types of t-shirts in the clothing market. There are collar t-shirt, round/crew neck t-shirt, V neck t-shirt and many more. Wear whatever style you want to have. They are good, fashionable and stylish. It is OK to wear a V neck t-shirt but make sure the V cut is not too deep. Deep V cut t-shirt is not that much of classy comparing it to the other t-shirts. The deep cut will expose our chest too much that it will be visible from the outside and will not help us to look sober. Whenever you want to wear a V neck, just go for a normal V neck t-shirt, that is not too deep.

12. Without pressed or wrinkled garments

Do not wear any kind of dress without pressing it, that would need pressing or ironing after a wash. If we don’t press it then it might not have the shape it is supposed to give us. And it will not fit properly in our body, downgrading our look. When you want to wash any garment, do not squeeze it and put it in a basket or corner for a long time. It is bad for any garment. Take care of your clothes properly and wash it, iron it, use it carefully. If you take care of it, it will take care of your style and looks.

13. Too much shiny or reflecting (neon) cloths

Gentlemen, the main motto is to look sober, classy and acceptable. In order to achieve that target we need to pick the colours, shades very carefully. Wearing a too much shiny colour or reflecting cloths is not that much stylish. If you like neon then wear the cloths that has a little bit of neon work, that is acceptable. Too much of neon will ruin our style completely. Do not wear those types of clothes that would hurt someone’s eyes when they look at you. I have seen many people doing this mistake. Choose sober and classy colours that would give us the benefit of it.

14. Wearing too many accessories

I mean guys, we are men. We do not need so many accessories or jewellery to dress up properly and to look great. Presently, the fashion industry provides us with many kinds of accessories and jewellery for men to wear. But not make yourself a walking accessories shop. It will not help you to make an impression. Don’t wear too much wrist bands or bracelets, do not use too much big long chains in your neck. One or two rings in the fingers is good enough to provide us with a simple, sober good appearance. Keep your accessories simple and sober.

15. Too long/short or wide/narrow tie

When we make a formal dress up for an official event or any other reason or wear suits, we wear a tie with it because it looks more classy and sober. Even we wear ties with some jackets and other clothes nowadays. People do not pay attention to the length or width of their ties. And there are the mistake lies. A man should know how to knot a tie and how much length and width a tie needs. Do not knot a tie too long or short. Make it adjustable according to your height. Always use the ties with an acceptable width. Not too wide or too narrow. Pick the right colour that complements the colour of the shirt or suit.

16. Finding the proper socks

Men do not think very often of their socks. Normally, we wear the socks what we get first in front of our hands or many of us do not use socks for some reason. I certainly do not know the reason for not wearing socks. Even people use socks with flip flops. If you want to make your style perfect then choose the right pair of socks and the colour of the socks while wearing any shoe. Do not use sports socks with a formal shoe. Every type of socks has its own quality and benefits. Socks protect our feet from the friction with the shoe and prevent it from getting dirty. And do not wear socks when using flip flops or sandals.

17. Improper sunglasses

We use sunglasses to protect our eyes from the sun rays. But, it has become a style to wear glasses and we use it as an accessory. We can avail of different types of glasses with different style, shape, benefit. So don’t mix it up. Wear the right sunglasses that can match with our outfit. For sports activities wear sports glasses, for a formal look wear formal sunglass etc.
Do not make the mistake of wearing sports glasses with a formal outfit. And the most important thing is, do not wear a sunglass inside the rooms. As soon as you enter any room take off your glasses.

18. Baggy jackets

Just imagine a scenario, we pick and wear a good looking, well-fitted trousers and a shirt or a t-shirt with good complementing shoes. And after that, we wear a baggy jacket or a bigger sized jacket. Does it look good on us? The answer is no. It will ruin the whole look of us no matter how much we maintain a proper style. The baggy jacket will make your upper body fat and your legs would look skinny because of it. So, wear a jacket that will fit properly with your body and can carry a good shape which will enhance your style and personality.

19. Bad quality cloths

No matter how hard you try to dress well, look good and create a sober style, if the quality of the cloths or shoe is not good enough then it would not help to create a good fashion or style you would like to have. When you buy something from the market, always check the quality of the garments or shoes or any other accessories. Quality can make a difference. Try to avoid old and damaged clothes and shoes while dressing up to make a style or fashion because it does not have that glamour or colour or quality or shape to give you a presentable outlook.

20. Negative thoughts or body language

If you do not have a positive mentality, the right attitude and appropriate body language, then nothing can help you to make or carry a good style statement. You have to have that alpha mentality with some knowledge to look absolutely amazing. Do not think of any negative thoughts and learn the proper body gesture to create an impression. If you feel good then you will look good with any kind of style you want to try.


A good style or fashion helps us to achieve certain things in our life. It is your outlook and style that makes the first impression on someone else. Give attention to some detailing and have some practical understanding with right attitude and mentality. You will do great.

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