13 Secrets To A Happy And Long-Lasting Relationship

At the beginning of a new relationship, it is always fun and exciting. After beginning a relationship one needs to maintain an honest flow of communication to build a strong bond between the two and to cherish the time they spend with their loved ones. In the starting of a relationship, the two people get attracted to each other and they start discovering more about each other and in that way the relationship grows. In a new relationship, everything seems to be novel and thrilling. Once the relationship gets matured the struggle begins to keep the spark in the relationship like before. The phase where everything used to seem like a new adventure gets almost over and one needs to focus on making the relationship work.

New and exciting things also happen when the relationship gets old but it’s not just like before. After a certain period of time, it becomes easy to become complacent and then after passing a certain phase many people take their partners for granted. You need to work hard to build and maintain a long term relationship and it is also incredibly rewarding. Staying with your partner and watching him grow, starting a new family, buying a new house and sharing your life with that person becomes wonderful. Secrets to a happy and long-lasting marriage vary because the couples differ drastically and the best relationship also requires great care and nurturing to keep their bond strong and healthy.

It is not always fun to make your relationship last longer but the pros of maintaining a long-lasting and committed relationship outweigh the difficulties that one faces while going through the tough times in a relationship. The secrets to a happy and long-lasting relationship are given below.

Make Time For Each Other

Make Time For Each Other

1.Spend some quality time with your partner

A couple in a relationship must aim to spend a “date night” together at least once in a week to keep their spark alive. You don’t need to call it a “date night” if that sound cheesy to you but you must make sure to spend some time for romance with your partner without anyone being around for at least once in a week.

  • During date night you can repeat this same thing like cooking your dinner together and after that going to a movie or you can do something new exciting and thrilling and spicing it up.
  • Wherever you go you must make sure that you have enough time to talk with each other during your quality time you spend with each other. Avoid going to a Concert Hall because there you won’t be able to talk much if loud music plays in the background.
  • You should say no to all your friend’s plans as in this day you will spend time only with your partner. Otherwise, things might breakdown in your relationship if you are always willing to give up that “date night”. On this day make some effort to look good and do not forget to compliment each other.

2. Make love at least once in a week

You do not need to mark this into your calendar and hopefully, you don’t need to but you must make some conscious effort to make love and get close to your partner at least once in a week. To keep your relationship alive you must get intimate with your partner once in a week no matter how tired you are after your work.

By making love you can get closer to your partner and can also maintain your intimacy with your beloved.

3. Get some time to talk to each other every day

How busy your schedules maybe you must make some effort every day to talk with each other no matter how much work you need to do that day. You can talk to your partner during dinner or you can also talk to her over the phone if your partner is away.

  • Always have the habit of asking how was your beloved’s day like you do not need to ask each other with each and every minute detail of your lives because you must be comfortable with each other’s routine.
  • If you are away from your partner for a week or so, keep at least 15 minutes of a day to get in touch with your loved one and remind her how much you love and miss her.
  • Make Sure whenever you talk there must not be any kind of distraction. You are not really talking with your partner with full attention if you are checking your phone simultaneously or watching a game while talking.

Maintaining Strong Communication Is Very Important In A Relationship

Maintaining Strong Communication Is Very Important In A Relationship

  1. Maintain your honesty in a relationship

One of the most important ingredients in a long-lasting relationship is honesty. With your special one, you must be honest and frank to keep the bonding of your relationship strong. Sharing most intimate and private thoughts and feelings help to know your loved one in a better way and grow your bond stronger than before.

  • Never be afraid or hesitate to let your partner know if he ever disappoints you. If you are upset about something other than being passive and aggressive it is better, to be honest with your feelings and tell your partner about it which will help to solve that problem.
  • Instead of keeping everything inside, you should share feelings with your loved one which will make you feel light whether you are upset about something at your work or with your friends or if your mother has told you something.
  • You should also be mature enough to know when you are not supposed to say something. You do not need to share every feeling with your partner though honesty is the best policy. For example, if you don’t like the colour of his sneakers or you find one of his friend quite irritating you can keep this to yourself.
  • If you are willing to open up about something very important you must make sure that you are doing it when your partner has enough time to talk in this matter and is also relatively unstressed. If he has enough time to listen then he can pay more attention to your news and receive it better.
  1. You should learn to compromise

Being right is more important than being happy in any strong relationship. If you want a long-lasting relationship and happy relationship then you must learn how to make decisions with your beloved and to find a solution for both of you to be comfortable and happy with your choices or else you have to give turns to each other for making decisions. Below it is explained how you can do it:

  • Whenever you are making a decision tell your loved one to rate it on a scale of 1 to 10 on the level of its importance to him. After this, you can talk about the reasons behind its importance to both of you and you can discuss what else can be done to make it matter less.
  • Try to be thoughtful. While making a decision take enough time to discuss the pros and cons associated with that matter and what can be done to make halfway.
  • On making small decisions give turns to each other. If you pick the movie let your beloved pick the restaurant for your date night.
  • Both of you must be compromising to avoid conflicts in your relationship. It is not a compromise anymore if your partner is always ready to give in what you want at the end of the day simply because of your persistence.
  1. Learn to Say sorry when you make a mistake
  • If you want to stay in a long-lasting and happy relationship then you must learn to say sorry from time to time when you make a mistake by keeping aside your ego. Be humble enough to say sorry when it comes to a relationship by admitting your mistakes than being stubborn.
  • You should learn to apologize if you do something wrong with your partner. It might take Some time for you to realise your mistake but if you do it you must say that you are sorry for your mistake.
  • While saying sorry you must make sure that you really mean it. Do not forget to make eye contact and be sincere while apologising. It won’t make any sense if you say sorry just for the sake of saying it.
  • If your loved one genuinely apologizes then you must learn to accept him. If he really means it then you should not stick to your guns anymore and accept his apology and try to move on.
  1. Make your Loved one feel special
  • You must not take your feelings for granted and must make an effort to say “I love you” to your beloved. You must tell your lover how much you love him on every single day several times a day. You should really mean it whenever you are expressing your love.
  • Shower your loved one with compliments and praises and do not forget to tell her every time how great she looks in her new attire and how cute she looks when She Smiles.
  • Always be thankful to your loved one for her favours and her kind actions towards you and do not take her for granted
  • Always remind your loved ones that how much special she/he is to you and always try to make him feel unique.


Always Keep Moving Forward

Always Keep Moving Forward

1. Find a new interest to peruse together

If a relationship doesn’t move forward it dies because it is like a shark. Always try to find new ways of keeping your relationship fresh and healthy so that your relationship doesn’t become boring with the passage of time. The best way of doing is to find something where both of you are interested in and can pursue together so you feel excited with your shared passion.

  • You can take a dance class together every week, this will not only be a great exercise but will also help you to increase your passion for each other.
  • Try to find a hobby where both of you are interested in for example you can take a painting or a ceramic class together or find a new love for sailing.
  • Take a class together like learning a new language or teaching together in a history class.
  • Train together for a race which is a great way to come closer to one another whether you are training for a 5k or any marathon.
  • Both of you need to come out of your comfort zones and you can try ice skating, hiking or Mountain biking. Doing something new and unfamiliar will bring both of you closer to each other.

2.Travel to a New place together

A vacation is not a very good long-term solution for any kind of problem in your relationship. You can plan a trip together to a new place to get rid of your monotonous life and appreciate your love in a different way. You also get something exciting and new to look forward if you plan your trip together.

  • Plan your trip to a place where both of you are very excited and eager to go. If both of you were planning to go to Paris together for the last six years and if you have the funds for it then it is the time to make your dreams come true.
  • A short day trip can also change your mood. You can go out for a long drive and spend your day in the woods or a beach to get back the spark in your relationship.
  • You can even plan for a second honeymoon to spend some quality time with your partner even if you are already married and had your honeymoon after your marriage.


Make Tolerance Your Second Nature

Make Tolerance Your Second Nature

1.Understanding your partner’s  contextual behaviour

Along with your chemistry, there are also chances that you meet your partner at a time which was conducive to your Union when you had a strong emotional experience with each other or on a holiday or somewhere else.  This type of incident is an example of a positive contextual influence which improves your relationship.

2.Learn to accept contextual behaviour

You should accept the fact that you cannot avoid negative contextual influence. Whenever someone goes through a period of ill health, stress full time, professional failure or has other sources of anxiety or any other source of anxiety then he or she can act in some unfamiliar way which is not consistent with the behaviour of the person you love.

3. Try To identify contextual behaviour

If you Find your partner unsympathetic and careless about you in tough times such as being fired at your workplace or when someone passes away in the family then you must consider that it is not his actual behaviour but the situation has made him act in that way. You must treat contextual influences like weather as you cannot you can do anything about it except tolerating them.

4. Try to forgive contextual behaviour

During difficult times one must forgive and forget a person’s negative behaviour. The human mind naturally gives more preference to negative experiences than positive ones. If you hold on to grudges of what your partner said when he was angry only makes your relationship sour instead of keeping your bond stronger. If you learn the art of differentiating a contextual behaviour from a personal behaviour that will help you to create a healthy and long lasting relationship with your beloved.

Love is not just a matter of luck because it requires enough dedication, loyalty, commitment and a positive attitude. For a long-lasting and happy relationship there are plenty of secrets but if you make the strategies given above your habit and also share them with your beloved then you can surely build a very strong foundation for your relationship in the future.




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