Why You Should Avoid Using Butter?

Butter is a very favourite ingredient for all of us but it is not much healthy for our heart and health. If you are having any of these conditions given below, then you must avoid taking butter in your dishes and you can use some of the healthy alternatives in its place.

Milk allergy

Though white butter is quite low in its protein content, still there is a little amount of milk protein called casein, that might be little allergenic. If you are having milk allergy then you must take butter in small portions. You should give up consuming butter totally if your allergy is in a severe state.

Lactose intolerance

People having lactose intolerance need to tolerate lactose present in butter in small amount without facing any strong reaction. Some people are very much sensitive to lactose, and so they need to avoid consuming butter for this criteria.

Health problems

Some people also avoid butter because it is containing a high amount of saturated fat. Taking a high amount of saturated fat increases our risk of various heart disease. It was also found in some studies that saturated fats present in butter raise our cholesterol levels more than the saturated fats present in any creamy dairy product.

Since butter is a rich source of fat, it is also containing a high amount of calories. So, if you want to reduce your intake of calories then you need to avoid consuming butter completely. Many people also prefer to take butter in a limited quantity because it is very not very much healthy for us if compared to the high-calorie content present in it.


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