Natural and Healthy Alternative to Quit Smoking

Most of us are very much aware of the fact that smoking causes cancer and it is quite injurious for our health. Though it gives us a temporary pleasure simply because people consider it as an amazing stress buster but the negative effects associated with it are very much worse than its advantages. Every cigarette that you smoke on a daily basis makes us much more prone to cancer, reducing the quality of our life and gives us various heart problems. Smoking is a type of addiction that is quite hard to overcome for a person. Most of the smokers generally look for natural alternatives which will help them to quit smoking but all of those remedies are not very much safe and effective for us to use. There are various reasons because of which a person wants to give up the habit of smoking cigarettes which includes improving the quality of health, expensive cost of cigarettes or going to no-smoking zones in public places. It’s very hard to fight with our urge for smoking when you are very much addicted to it.

What makes people more addicted to smoking?

People generally smoke for various reasons from releasing the stress, social pressure or for seeking pleasure. Smoking is also considered as a sign of sophistication in some cultures. In some of the communities, people also start smoking for getting social acceptance. However, in most of the communities and in all age groups, people find tobacco as the best remedy to relieve their stress. We become stressed due to some of the problems in our daily life, for losing our weight or due to peer pressure. It was also shown in research that instead of relieving us from stress smoking makes us much more prone to stress, anxiety and tension. Though there is a temporary effect of relaxation created after smoking that makes most of the smokers believe that it acts as an anxiety and stress buster. Thankfully, we can find various alternatives to smoking which can help us relieving from stress effectively and does not affect our health negatively.

Why people find it very hard to quit smoking?

Though there are various health risks associated with smoking but it is not very easy to quit smoking. Whether you smoke occasionally or take a single pack for a day but giving up smoking is really tough. Smoking is not only a psychological habit but also physical addiction. Nicotine present in cigarettes gives us are temporary and addictive high. By eliminating the regular dose of nicotine we experience in our body the physical withdrawal cravings and symptoms. In our brain, we experience a feel-good effect and so, we often find it as a  reliable and quick source for boosting our outlook, unwinding and for relieving us from stress and anxiety. We often use smoking as a way of dealing with boredom, depression and anxiety. Giving up the habit of smoking cigarettes also means finding alternatives which are much healthier for dealing with our negative emotions.

Many of us consider smoking as a daily ritual and an automatic response to smoke while having our morning tea, taking our breakfast, while taking breaks in our office or while returning home at the end of a day. Many people also smoke just because their friends, colleagues or family members smoke and that also becomes a way they interact with them. If you want to give up the habit of smoking successfully we need to accept both the habits, addiction and the routine that we follow when we get addicted to smoking. Anyone can successfully quit smoking if that person gets the right kind of support, proper quit plan and healthy alternatives that can help that person to give up that addiction.

Healthy and Natural Alternative for Smoking

If you want to give up the addiction of smoking then you can try out these healthy and natural alternatives to smoking are quite cheap and they will not harm your health in any way.

Hit the Gym

Working out amazingly affects your mind, body and health and it is a great alternative to smoking for relieving yourself from stress. You can register your name at any nearest gym centre and can start working out there. When a person smokes, more feeling good hormones are being released from the brain and after quitting smoking mostly people get into a sense of withdrawal because the production of the same comes to an end. If someone exercises regularly than those good hormones are being produced by our brain and this is the reason why we feel amazing after working out.


Acupuncture is a type of an ancient therapy where thin needles are being inserted inside your body. Acupuncture is quite useful for various kind of problems and smoking is also included in the list. Though this therapy does not work effectively for everyone but it might work for few.

You can try herbal cigarettes or electronic cigarettes

E-cigarettes or electronic battery-operated cigarettes are much less harmful substitute than normal cigarettes. Herbal cigarettes are made with an organic base which is also less harmful alternative than normal cigarette. There are alternative smoking herbs which are containing in this kind of cigarettes and these cigarettes do not contain any nicotine. You can also choose to smoke these instead of your usual cigarettes but you must keep in mind that these cigarettes are less harmful than those conventional cigarettes but they are also bad for your health. The main aim over here is to completely give up this addiction and not to indulge in any lesser of that evil.

Vape CBD oil

Vaping CBD (cannabidiol) oil is a great option if you want to stay away from smoking cigarettes and vaping nicotine. CBD oil helps in soothing you and also gives you tranquillity and peace. It doesn’t make you confused or anyway distracted. Concentrated CBD oil helps you to give up your cravings for a cigarette and makes you more relaxed. If you are in any kind of tough and challenging situation vaping CBD oil will make you calm and relaxed.


Ginseng is a great alternative to smoking for fighting with your cravings. You can add a spoon of ginseng powder in your juices, soup, oatmeal or cereal. For getting the best results you can take it in the morning. In this way, you can combat your cravings for the whole day. If you think that is not enough for you then you need to increase your dosage or you can take it for more number of times. You are already taking ginseng in case you are taking any multivitamin. So, you need to check what vitamins you take to make sure whether you require any more ginseng or not.

Eat Ginger

When you want to quit smoking feeling nauseous is very natural and it is also a very common symptom experienced by people when they try to give up smoking. To Fight with nausea while you quit smoking you can eat ginger in the form of capsules, tablet or in tea. It will make your stomach calm and you can also overcome your problem of nausea. It will also help you from getting tempted to return back to your previous addiction.

Have grape juice

The main part of fighting with your addiction and withdrawal symptoms is to move the toxins out of your body. Nicotine is one such toxin and when it goes out one does not feel any cravings or symptoms of withdrawal. You should drink more water daily to fight with those symptoms and cravings and the best way to deal with those is by drinking grape juice regularly. There are natural detoxifiers present in the acids of grape juice and they help in rejuvenating our system and also helps in cleaning the toxins more quickly.

The toxins present in the body are responsible for the cravings of cigarettes and that also keeps the energy levels down. One can use detoxifier for boosting their energy levels and will also make a person feel much more better than before.

Engage yourself in a new hobby

After quitting smoking you can engage yourself in any new hobby that you like to spend time with. Engaging yourself in a hobby will affect you positively and also your life. It will also help you to become much more productive and creative. It will also make you much more confident than before and will also help in brushing up your skills. You can choose any new hobby like painting, cooking, reading your favourite storybook, singing or anything that you love to do and makes you happy.

Avoid staying isolated

Smoking is generally a kind of social activity. Most people smoke in the breaks after working for some long hours in the office or when they meet with some people in a party or a get-together. If you took the decision to quit smoking cut yourself off from interacting with your regular smoker buddies. Chain-smokers generally experience some mood changes during this time and that might accelerate their desire to isolate themselves so that they can smoke again. So one must avoid doing this because one needs to remember that quitting smoking not a way of punishing oneself. You do not require to face all these problems alone and you can ask for help from your near and dear ones and discuss with them about this decision of yours. You can also tell about this decision to your smoker buddies in a way so that they can understand your limitations.

Exercise regularly

Engaging yourself in any physical activity or exercises will help you to stay away from the urge of smoking and it will also help in reducing your tobacco driving intensity. In accordance with the Mayo clinic doing moderate exercise for at least 30 minutes keeps away the tobacco cravings of a person. The chances of relapsing also get reduced by exercising regularly after a person quit smoking. Moreover, you do not need to be concerned about gaining weight after giving up smoking because exercising regularly will keep you in proper shape.

Drink plenty of water

Do you always feel like holding a vaporizer or a cigarette? Then you can swap this habit of yours with a glass of cold iced water with your vaping device or cigarette. If you feel like smoking in the morning after waking up from your bed then you can change this habit with water. Drinking water is exactly opposite to the vaping of smoking in the matter of your health. Drinking water helps in improving your metabolism and the toxins get eliminated from your body. It also doesn’t let you suffer from any chronic dehydration. You will never get all these benefits by vaping nicotine or smoking.

Another reason why anyone finds it very hard to give up smoking is that it makes your body permeable for a toxin. Basically it goes inside our system and it becomes very tough to go out. But water is known as a natural detoxifier and helps in purging our system much better than anything else. Water is also required to fight the harmful effects of nicotine and tobacco.

Chew carrot sticks

It is suggested by the American cancer society that one can chew any raw vegetable like carrot sticks in order to replace the habit of smoking and to keep something inside your mouth. Carrot sticks are also considered as a great alternative to smoking since they are having beta-carotene, that helps in fighting constipation and night blindness. You can cut the carrot sticks in small pieces and then keep them in a bowl in front of you when you crave for smoking. If you do not like to eat carrot sticks, you can replace it with sugarless gum or sunflower seeds to fight with your tobacco cravings.

Talk with your friend or relative

When you feel like smoking you can call any of your close friend or relative and talk with them for resisting your urge to smoke. By talking with some person you can divert your attention from smoking and in that way, you will learn to control your addiction. If this trick does not work you can also talk with a counsellor on the phone when you crave for smoking, he can guide you on how to resist your urge for smoking.

Keep yourself engaged in some work

If you are a nicotine addict then there are high chances that you were experienced with withdrawal symptoms which are quite tough and challenging. The symptoms that a person experience includes irritation, restlessness, anxiety, mood changes, fatigue and sleep disturbances. If someone wants to cure himself of all these symptoms and to improve the quality of one’s health, one must keep oneself busy and try to engage himself in some work, studying a new course, joining a new community. In this way, by keeping oneself busy one can deal properly with these symptoms.

Focus on the advantages of not smoking.

When you really feel the urge to smoke it is really very tough to control your cravings when you think that you need to smoke. You can think about this in some other way that you are not causing any harm to your lungs and to yourself. After quitting smoking your heart becomes much healthier than before and the texture of your hair and skin also becomes better when you do not smoke anymore. The cons of smoking are always heavier than the benefits of smoking on any day.

Try to distract yourself when you feel the urge to smoke.

When a person gives up smoking he will have cravings but that is a part of giving up that addiction. After giving up smoking if you feel the urge to smoke then you must try to distract yourself and focus on something else. You can distract yourself from your craving by engaging yourself in something like calling your friend, walking in your nearby area or reading any book. Above all, you need to avoid your cravings and focus on something productive.

Reward yourself

Whenever you feel like lighting up cigarette then you can give yourself any reward for controlling your addiction. To give yourself a gift, you can buy any of your favourite book that you are waiting for a long time, you can go and have dinner at your favourite restaurant or you can watch any of your any movie. You should make sure that during that time while watching a movie you will not smoke for those two hours which is another healthy alternative. Another way to reward yourself is to put coins in a jar whenever you can successfully resist your nicotine cravings and later on you can buy yourself a gift with that money.


Though essential oils do not help in resisting your cravings for smoking, they can help you to keep yourself stress-free and will keep you away from lighting anymore cigarette. Using oils from Rosemary, lavender or tea tree has been successful in improving mood and also helps in reducing stress according to recent studies.

Smoking is not a solution to deal with pressure, stress and other challenges in your life. Instead, it puts your life at greater risk by getting into this habit. You should take care of yourself in a healthier way. Though smoking seems quite cool or makes you relax for some time but it is basically a coward way of escaping your problem. Moreover, it doesn’t solve your problem in any way. If you can follow all the healthy alternatives that are given above to make your life beautiful and stress-free then your problems and challenges will disappear in no time. For leading a healthy and happy life you do not even need to smoke and take any forms of drugs. You can try these alternatives of smoking given above to improve the quality of your life and health. 

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