“Menstrual expression” Emoji added as a drop of blood

With the opening of people’s consciousness, the menstruation that was once considered to be private is no longer “shame”, and even can be talked about in a bright way. Now even the exclusive expression pack is on the line.

It was learned from the official website of Plan International UK that the “menstrual expression” was approved in February this year. The Unicode Consortium has also revealed that 230 new emojis that have just been reviewed include an expression that represents menstruation.

This expression is very vivid: it is a drop of red liquid. It was completed by the British International Program and the BloodBlood NHS of the UK National Health Service.

According to reports, the expression will be officially launched in the spring of this year. At that time, when you use WeChat and QQ chat, you can directly use the emoji to refer to the “menstruation.”

However, IT industry insiders said that even if the “menstrual expression” passed the audit of the Global Unicode Alliance, but from the user’s use, it also needs Google, Apple and other companies to adopt from the system level.

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