Manage diabetes: List of fruits Diabetics should eat and avoid

There are various ways to keep your diabetes in control and your diet plays a very important role in managing diabetes. In the condition of diabetes mellitus, blood sugar or blood glucose levels rise for a consistent period of time. There are various types of diabetes like Type 1 and type 2 which are Gestational and prediabetes. It might get difficult for someone to control their diabetes if they are lacking awareness and get misdiagnosed.

Uncontrolled diabetes can often affect a person’s kidney functions, heart ailments and also leads to obesity. Scientists are doing research around the world and are working hard to find ways through which the condition can be reversed. But it was not claimed by any substantial study that can reverse diabetes with the use of any drug.

If someone is having diabetes, mostly they are not allowed to eat any fruits. This case is not always true because people with diabetes can eat only those fruits which form a part of their healthy diet plan. Since fruits are rich in Carbohydrates, and that also affects the blood sugar levels so it is better to avoid eating fruits in unlimited amount. Some fruits help in lowering your blood sugar levels while some raise the blood sugar level because a riper fruit is always higher in its glycemic index or sugar concentrations, so it raises the blood sugar more quickly than a fruit which is having a lower glycemic index.

Declaration: Below the given list of fruit and vegetables is just a suggestion based on facts, so, before completely relying on them consult to your doctor.

List of fruits diabetics could try

List of  fruits & vegetable diabetics can try

For controlling blood sugar levels one must have fruits that are having low glycemic index because that will provide them with vitamins, roughage, minerals and antioxidants which are very good for proper functioning of the body. The simple sugars and carbs present in them are very easily processed by the body because those healthy Sugars are needed by our body which includes fruits and that reduces excess weight and keeps one full for a longer period of time. You can consume fruits as a dessert, quick snacks or can make juice with it. But certain fruits are there who are having a high glycemic index, for example, the dried fruits are rich in sugar content than any fresh fruit. So one must be very careful while choosing fruits for consumption for controlling their diabetes. Also if we take things in a limitation, not in excess then will not affect adversely. Here are some list of fruits are given which are ideal for keeping your diabetes in control.

Lime and lemons

There are high levels of Vitamin C contents in lime and lemons. This fruit also contains other nutrients like sodium, vitamin A and B, magnesium and dietary fibre. The soluble fibre present in it helps in regulating the blood sugar level by preventing the amount of sugar taken in your blood. These fruits are also having a low glycemic index and they help in preventing blood sugar levels from rising high.

Passion fruit

Passion fruit is rich in vitamin C and the peel of this fruit contains pectin and soluble fibre. The pectin helps people to control diabetes by preventing a sudden rise in their sugar levels in their blood.


There is a good quantity of antioxidants and fibre present in cranberries and they help in regulating the glucose levels in our body because they are having very little sugar in them. Taking Cranberry juice on a daily basis will help in preventing UTIs which are very common in people who are suffering from diabetes. Source


Guavas are a rich source of vitamin C and dietary fibre also helps in creating a feeling of fullness and helps in losing weight because they contain high fibre and concentration of glucose is lower.

Mandarins, Oranges and Tangerines

You can also add in your diet these healthy fruits like mandarins, oranges and tangerines because their glycemic index is low and are also rich in dietary fibre and Vitamin C.


This fruit is basically covered with brown fuzz and millions of seeds are inside it and it is also a compact source of vitamin C and fibre. By adding this fruit in your diet this will provide you with the healthy dose of sugar and many other nutrients.


You can eat pears by adding to a salad or can be eaten plain. This fruit is great in its taste in whatever way you may consume them because they are rich in good fibres and nutrients. The water contents are also high and the dietary fibre present in this fruit helps in keeping your hunger pangs at bay.


The taste of peaches are delicious and it is also great for the people who are having high blood sugar. Peaches are not only rich in vitamin a and c but they also help in fixing your fibre intake and makes you healthy by lowering your blood sugar levels.


We must not take apples for granted as they are available in abundance. This fruit helps in covering all the necessities for healthy living. Apple’s skin is mostly filled with antioxidants and they contain high fibre which helps in digesting properly and are amazing as a refreshing light snack.


Apricots are the best option for you if you want to control your blood sugar levels and are looking for a fruit which is having limited sugar content and gives maximum benefit. It is having low carbs and is very healthy fruits which can be a great option for your diabetic meal. Apricots are rich in vitamin A and fibre. One must not consume dried apricot because there is a higher amount of sugar in it and the chances of raising your blood sugar levels are most.


Cherries highly beneficial for sugar patients because they are containing anti-inflammatory properties but one must not consume as many as cherries they want to eat in a day. While buying cherries you must avoid buying canned cherries and instead buy those that are not high in sugar.


Strawberries can be great fruits for diabetic patients because they are a rich source of essential vitamins and antioxidants and also keeps you healthy.


Grapefruit helps in keeping our blood sugar level in control and keeps you satiated for a longer duration of time because it is containing a high amount of dietary fibre and Vitamin C.


Watermelons are containing various useful minerals, high in water content and fibre. This fruit not only helps in reducing your hunger but also gives you a feeling of fullness by controlling your blood sugar levels.


You must include blueberries in your diet to keep your blood sugar level in control because they are having a low glycemic index and are packed with anti-inflammatory components and antioxidants.


Mangoes are a rich source of minerals and vitamins. Diabetic patients mostly avoid eating mangoes because of their rich carbohydrate content. They give you a lot of energy and if you take it in the right amount they can keep you healthy.


Raspberries are amazing for diabetic patients because of their rich content in fibre. They also contain high levels of vitamins and antioxidants.


In a concise portion of figs, you can obtain high iron, dietary fibre, antioxidants and other minerals. While consuming figs, a diabetes patient must make an effort to track the number of figs they eat. Figs are really great if you are having high blood sugar because they help you in losing those extra kilos with its high glucose content.


Red grapes are basically packed with fruit sugar, dietary fibre, vitamins and minerals. Since it is high in fruit sugar contents, grapes are not appropriate for diabetes patients.  But if one controls in taking limited portions then you can control your blood sugar levels from rising high.


Cantaloupe is a very tender and refreshing fruit because it is rich in minerals, water and nutrients. A diabetic patient must take a limited portion size of this fruit for its consumption.


Bananas are not only an excellent source of potassium but they are also rich in vitamins. One must try the portion size of this fruit because bananas are rich dietary fibres contents which help in slow the digestion and absorption of carbs. Read more about this on NCBI


Consumption of Avocados is amazing for diabetic patients because they are rich in calories. They are also presented as an exceptional form of Vitamin C and fatty acids. The glycemic levels in the body come down because of the presence of fatty acids in this fruit.


Diabetic patients must put control on the portion size of palms because of their high sugar content which can easily raise the blood sugar if someone consumes too many plumps at a time. Though this fruit is having rich sugar content, it is also very healthy. Plums are basically used for sweetening fruits, smoothies and fruit salad.


Pomegranates are not only a rich source of iron but also provides many other nutritional substances and minerals which helps in keeping us healthy. To keep your diabetes in control you can consume the juice of pomegranate. Source


Tomatoes can help in controlling your blood sugar levels because the carbohydrate content in tomatoes is very low. One must consume tomatoes in raw form to extract the full benefits out of it. You should avoid consuming tomato sauce and ketchup because they are having a rich amount of salt and sugar.

List of fruits to avoid for controlling diabetes


Pineapples are having a high glycemic index because it is having a sweet and delicious taste when it is ripe. The Carbohydrates content also depends on the way you slice it and the thickness and weight can make it easy for you to overeat it. If you find it hard to avoid pineapple you can still consume half-cup serving (by cutting the pineapple into small chunks) and can eat it in your meal or with food which is rich in protein, such as low-fat cottage cheese or low-fat Greek yoghurt. While buying canned pineapples try to buy the variety which is not having any added sugars.

Dried fruits

In a small portion of dried fruits, there are a rich amount of carbohydrates in varieties which are coated in Yogurt, sugar or chocolate. There are almost the same amount of carbohydrates in 2 tablespoons of raisins in a small piece of a fruit or a single cup of raspberries. For reducing the sugar content in your meal and adding volume to it you can replace with fresh fruits in place of dried fruits.

Fruit Juice 

One must completely avoid fruit juice unless they are experiencing hypoglycaemia. For making 1 cup of fruit juice it takes more than one orange. There are no fiber and 30 grams of sugar and carbohydrates in making one eight-ounce cup of an orange juice.

By drinking fruit juice the blood sugar level gets raised within minutes because the body does not need to put much effort into breaking down the sugar in juice and so it gets metabolized quickly. Fruit juices without affecting your satiety keep tracking on extra Calories and it not only helps in preventing weight loss but also increases your weight.

Being a diabetic patient one must not stop himself from eating fruits because it is needed to eat a wide variety of fruits to keep your body toxin free as they play a very crucial role in detoxification. A diabetes patient need not eat any kind of exotic fruits instead one can switch over to eating fruits which are local, fresh and seasonal are also appropriate for them in keeping their blood glucose level in control.

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