How to live a healthy lifestyle for healthier and happier life

To be beautiful, energetic and healthy in life is not a piece of cake at all in this fast-paced world. You go everywhere, there are competition and the rat race. We have become more of a programmed working system than to be a real normal human being. And for that very reason, we do not get much time for ourselves to take a look at our health, to give some time to our personal life to be happy, or to any of our hobbies that we just love to do. The results of it are not affirmative towards our health and life. It drives us more into a bad lifestyle that is very dangerous for our well being.

An unhealthy lifestyle will surely hamper our work efficiency by damaging our health and workability. So, if you are wondering how to change your lifestyle into a positive way then you are already in the right direction. Starting to think about our well being is the first step and the next step is to work on it. It is not a hard equation to crack. It is very simple and changing a little bit of our daily life schedule or habits can bring some positive effects to our life and we can live a good healthy lifestyle.

We are listing and will discuss some very easy and effective manners to try to change the track of our life to live healthier and happier.

1. Proper and timely sleep

In today’s busy and difficult life we do not get to sleep properly and timely most of the time. Or I should say we practice and maintain a habit of untimely sleep with an insufficient amount of time. We sleep late at night and wake up very late or for work purpose we have to wake up early resulting improper sleeping time. On average we need between 7 to 9 hours of sleep. A person should also avoid sleeping very long hours a day on a regular basis. Both are unhealthy for us. Making a habit of late-night sleeping every single day without any proper reason affects our health that we must avoid.
Practice a sleeping pattern that is healthy for our body and mind. Try to sleep early at night and wake up early in the morning. Select a suitable time to sleep at night and wake up early in a time every day and practice sleeping on that same time regularly. Scheduling the time of sleeping would allow us to avoid lack of sleeping or oversleeping and we will get a healthy and complete sleep on time.

2. Food/diet

For our nutrition, consuming good food with an effectual diet is very much important to be healthy and strong. Having a bad choice of foods containing bad elements that have the power to harm our body can decrease our quality of health. Consuming junk food, processed food, street food or any unhealthy food all the time is not the righteous way to lead a healthy lifestyle. It causes many types of diseases, creates body fat etc. Eating untimely and eating less or more is not a habit to entertain.
At first, make a diet chart and start having food timely and do not skip any daily meal. Eat more healthy foods like green vegetables, different coloured vegetables, fruits, eggs, meats. We need the right amount of protein, fat, vitamins, etc that our body requires. You can visit a dietitian for a good diet plan that your body needs to be healthy. And the most important thing is to avoid sugar at any cost. It is very much injurious to our health. And do not skip breakfast. After waking up in the morning our empty stomach needs food to energies our body to start the day.

3. Workout

The workout is a practice that enhances the ability of our body and mind. To get in shape or to stay fit exercise is essential. It gives us strength, stamina, flexibility, energy etc to live a healthy lifestyle. If you want to stay fit and wants to maximize your productivity then the workout is the best solution to reach that target. If you are unable to workout daily basis then do it 3 days a week. Go to the gym to build or maintain your body, you can do yoga or meditation for a peaceful and healthy mind with a healthy body. Our health of the mind is also important to live well. If you do not have the time to workout then walk when you have the opportunity. Running and swimming are the alternative options to maintain our body health. Do any kind of physical activity what you can do for the beneficial sides of it.

4. Avoid addiction

It is very simple and logical. Living a healthy lifestyle and addiction does not play together. Addiction to drinking and smoking is common among the mass. But it is too much harm to our health. Smoking causes lung cancer and other health problems. While addiction to drinking causes liver-related problems and with both of that you could be ended up costing your life as well. Not just the addiction to drinking and smoking, any kind of other addictions is bad for our health. Addiction of sleeping pills or other pills, addiction of video gaming, social media, mobile phone, streaming entertainment sites, addiction of any habit or consuming any food or product that is injurious to our health can also influence our life very poorly. Considering the facts we should avoid harmful addictions to live long and to live healthily.

5. Visit your doctor

We have a tendency of not visiting our doctor until it is out of our hand or the illness is unbearable and uncontrollable. Basically we ignore the facts that it is more dangerous and harmful for our well being. When you get sick, always visit a doctor to know the cause of it, nature of it and what it could do to our body. With the prescribed medicine you can recover quickly without causing too many problems to your health. Apart from that, we must visit our doctor monthly, quarterly or after 6 months for routine checkups. It is very difficult for us to know about the inner health of our body. So, we should visit the doctor time to know about our total health of the body and if it is required we should do some tastes for better knowledge and data of our health. If we find something wrong then we can act quickly to cure the problem. So, do not avoid your doctor for your own benefit.

6. Ignore negativity

To live healthily, we have to think healthy. Thinking negatively all the time will work as a speed breaker in your journey to a healthy life. If you cannot think positively, then you won’t be able to live positively. Remove all the negative thoughts from your mind and think or act in a more affirmative way. Do not think about what other people might say to your healthy choices. It is your health and you have the full rights to think about it. Say no to any unhealthy practices or offers. Never fear or hesitate to try something new or unique things that can bring you a healthy lifestyle. Ignoring all the negative influences and thoughts you can achieve your goals of becoming a healthy person and live a wonderful life.

7. Toxic relationship or friendship

Remove all the toxic relationship or friendship from your life. Or at least try to ignore them as much as possible. Relationships like this can affect your mentality so badly that ultimately your body health will decrease and you won’t be able to pursue any healthy habits or even you do, you will not get any positive results from it because your mind will not allow you to be healthy. It can influence you to practice unhealthy things like smoking, drinking, improper eating, bad sleeping etc.
Manage your toxic relationship or friendship very carefully to avoid problems and issues related to this. Give your time on such relationships that have some positive characters in it. They will drive you to be successful and healthy because it has the power to motivate you to do well with your life and support you in hard times.

8. Drink water

There is no need for a genius mind to understand that water is the most valuable and important thing for us. We just cannot live without water. Our body is about 60-70 of water. We have to maintain the balance of water in our body to act it properly. Without the right amount of water, our body will not work positively and we would face difficulty to do anything. And gradually our health will decrease.
An average adult will need approximately 2.5 to 3.5 litres of water every day to fulfil the need of water in a human body and the amount can increase depending on our activity, weather or place. Drink sufficient amount of water to live healthily. Maintain a habit of drinking water frequently to stay the hydrated whole day to avoid any water-related health problems.

9. Supplements/medicine

When you are young and full of energy, you do not need any kind of supplements or medicine to be healthy. After a certain age, we might need some kind of supplements or medicine. But, I will recommend you to always seek some advice from the experts or doctors before taking it. As we grow older our body might not get the proper molecules from just eating healthy foods to energies and to be healthy enough to do the day to day works. To recover the molecules that we are lacking, we can take the help of supplements or medicines to support our body health. We have to be very careful about consuming such things because it may come with some side effects that may create health problems for us. So, learn properly about the products and do not take it without the doctor’s permission.

10. Control stress and depression level

The hectic life we are living today, it is normal to have stress and depression. But do not let it eat you from the inside. Try to control the level of it because it can harm our health of mind and body. We would not be able to live our life appositely if we suffer from stress and depression. Try to find the cause of stress and depression and work on it to reduce the level. Do not overthink about anything and get depressed. Sometimes it is more effective to not think about those matters which we cannot control. So just do your work what you can do and do not think too much. To control stress and depression you can meditate or do yoga, talk to someone about it to release the emotions or visit a therapist who might help you to avoid it.

11. Travel for a change

Travelling is an escape boat for us from our daily monotonous life that we are living in. Traveling for a change is good for our health. It is the refreshment that we deserve. Plan a long tour once or twice a year and make some weekend short trips for the joy and excitement of mind. It will help us to cure any kind of mental health problems. A healthy mind provides us with the tools to have a healthy body and vice versa. Choose your preferred destination and travel the places you would love to visit. It is a therapy to be healthy and happy.

12. Take care of yourself

At the end of the day, you should have a look at you and decide whether you are taking care of yourself or not because it is necessary to live a healthy lifestyle. A little care can do great to your health. Clean yourself properly on a daily basis, do what you would love to do, give time to yourself and to the people you love and most importantly enjoy your life. If you do not enjoy the journey of your life then it will have a negative impact on your health. Ups and downs are the parts of our life and we must take lessons from it.

Healthy ending

We all know the proverb that ‘Health is Wealth’. We must not neglect our health at any cost. With an unhealthy body and mind, we cannot cover a long distance with a good percentage of efficiency level. So, eat healthily, live healthy, stay healthy with a mentality to be healthy. Thus we can live our life happily and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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