Honey and cinnamon for acne: Does it helps in acne treatment?

Acne is type of skin condition which occurs when the hair follicles and pores get blocked with oil(sebum) and dead skin cells from your skin. Blackheads and whiteheads occur from the blocked pores. Acne is also seen in the back and chest because there are high density of oil glands. When the blocked pores get infected with bacteria further inflammation occurs and red or pus-filled bumps. Mostly teenagers and adults suffers from acne very often and is a very common problem to them. It is really very frustrating to deal with it because in the market the acne serums that are available do not provide the desired results that they promise in the advertisements according to their price.

There are different types of acne the most common type occurs during the adolescence period, when the levels of hormones are elevated. More oil is produced from the skin glands due to this change. When the dead skin cells get mixed with the oil the pores become blocked and bacteria starts to grow from there. As the bacteria, oil and dead cells get mixed with adjacent tissues , swelling, pimples, redness ,raised bumps and pus can be seen in that area.
Acne might get continued to adulthood which can be severe, mild or moderate. In case of mild acne the pores get clogged occasionally and it mostly occurs in the face. Moderate acne has higher number of frequency and outbreaks on your face and even on your chest or back. Severe acne is characterised by painful and extensive lesions or cysts that is seen not only in the face, chest and back but also in the thighs and upper arms.

The main cause of adult acne is not properly known, though some researchers blame it on the stress levels and other environmental factors. Many also attribute it to the diet rich in sugar levels. Many studies also have shown that the cause of acne is also genetic and hereditary. Many believe that the hormonal activities that take place during menstrual cycles or puberty plays a vital role in the formation of acne. Many a times various medications containing testosterone, anabolic steroids or oestrogen is also responsible for occurrence of acne.

Tips On How You Can Prevent Acne From Getting Worse

The overuse of certain cosmetic products and various skin care products which are dense in pore-blocking material like oily moisturiser and cheap makeup adds up to the dead cells and skin’s oils exacerbating a tendency towards clogged follicles and pores. Conversely the products high in alcohol content have drying effect, and make the skin compensate by producing oil in excess amount which again blocks the pores and the spots. Touching your face with dirty hand is a sign of uncleanliness which worsely affects the acne and along with it you should never try to squeeze, pick and pinch your spots.

Various other types of uncleanliness includes not removing your makeup before going to bed and not cleaning regularly your makeup implements like makeup brushes or sponges. You must also clean regularly your towels, flannels and also sheets, pillowcases, covers and sheets and duvet. Finally both over cleaning or under cleaning the skin are responsible for making acne worse. You can also use scrubbers for keeping your face and body clean and free from acne but if the products are harsh it might affect in the texture of your skin and inflames it and exacerbating the occurrence of acne rather than stopping it.

How does Honey and Cinnamon for acne work?

Cinnamon and honey facemask keeps your face moisturised and soft by clearing out the blemishes and acne by drying out the pimples. This treatment helps to revitalize your dry skin if you use this as an overnight treatment for your acne. The formula of this is very effective and easy because it contains ingredients which are proven to be very effective allies in the race for glowing and beautiful skin.

Honey acts as a natural moisturiser, natural antibacterial and an anti-fungal treatment due to which it is great for preventing acne breakout and acne treatment. It helps in locking the moisture inside your skin and its antioxidant properties protects your skin against free radicals and the sun damage. It is great in fighting infection without causing irritation on your skin.

On the other hand one of the important property of Cinnamon is that it is great in increasing circulation by bringing oxygen and blood on the surface if your skin where you applied it. Some of the components present in cinnamon is Eugenol, Iron, Calcium, Linalool, Ethyl cinnamate, Manganese, Beta-carophyllene and coumarin. Cinnamon helps in reducing redness and inflammation because it is an antiseptic which reduces the bacterial infection in pimples and also prevents blemishes and also help in drying out existing pimples. The mild astringent properties present in it can help in the shrinking of pores and also smooth and evens out your complexion. It also helps in the process of stimulating circulation, revitalise and exfoliate the skin by drawing nutrients, oxygen and blood to the surface of one’s skin by leaving it very clear and healthy. The delightful smell present in it boosts your brain activity. This is a combination which is having great ingredients for your acne treatment and also fades your acne scars.

Other than Honey and cinnamon for acne, there are various oral and tropical medications which helps in soothing your skin. You can also try different therapies like light treatments, extractions, laser and chemical peels for supplementing your treatment.

The methods are divided into three categories that are there to treat acne- tropical medications, oral medications and other therapies that are effective in treating both breakouts and acne scarring.

5 Benefits Of Honey And Cinnamon Face Mask

1) Fights fine lines

Since cinnamon is an excellent anti-fine line agent it is containing compounds which helps in promoting circulation and more blood is brought towards your skin by plumping and nourishing it. By doing this process the fines lines start to fade away.

2) It is anti-acne treatment

Cinnamon and honey are both antibacterial, and that helps to combat those bacteria that are responsible for acne bursts. Honey is very effective towards the swollen red pimples because its properties are greater. Cinnamon helps in the perfect treatment of the pimples.

3) Exfoliation

There are glycolic acid and several other properties of organic acids present with their unique properties in honey which eat away the dead cells . By following this method you can easily and quickly rejuvenate your skin without rubbing it.

4) Moisturizing

Honey acts as a great moisturiser by absorbing water from environment and then locking it underneath your skin .

5) Eczema

You can apply a blend of honey and cinnamon on your skin which will help you to get relief of some itchiness and irritation which are experienced because of this ailment.

Follow The Procedure Given Below To Create The Mask

Step 1: Arrange the ingredients

Buy Manuka honey and powdered Ceylon cinnamon from your local food store otherwise you can also order them from online.

Step 2: Mix the ingredients 

Now you can combine two-three tablespoon of Manuka honey and add one tablespoon of powdered cinnamon in a ceramic container or microwaveable glass for making it a plastic like substance.

Step 4: Heat the Mixture

You can put the mixture in a microwave for nearly about 15 to 30 seconds. Make sure that it is not very hot . You can test its temperature with your wrist but not with fingers.

Step 5: Apply the mixture on your skin 

Wash your hands and face very nicely before applying the mixture on your skin. You need to use a clean piece of cotton wool, fabric or your clean fingers and now put the mixture on your skin very carefully by focusing on the acne prone areas and spots. You can also put a towel on your neck when you apply the mixture to catch any drips.

Step 5: Relax After Applying the Mixture 

Now allow the mixture to remain on your skin for about 10-15minutes in the meanwhile you can sit and relax or stretch with a towel under your neck for catching drips.

Step 6: Rinse the mask after a While

You can now wash the honey and cinnamon mask from your skin with warm water by using your hands or any clean towel.

Step 7: Dry your Face

Dry your face with a clean dry towel.

Bonus tip: Nutmeg Variant

If you are searching for a stronger face mask than this you can add one teaspoon of nutmeg to a mixture of 1 tablespoon of cinnamon and 2 tablespoon of honey. After stirring everything till you get an even paste, you can now spread it on your face. After keeping it for 30minutes you can rinse it off with lukewarm water.

This mixture works amazing for swollen places, soothing burns, acne scars and redness. To get double the results you can cleanse your face with some lemon juice after the application of the face mask. Lemons are excellent natural toners having the intense properties of cinnamon and honey, after using this you won’t need anymore chemical cleansers.

Tips Tricks and warning of using this Face mask: “Honey and cinnamon for acne”

  • While treating acne you should always use fresh cinnamon which you can identify by its smell. If the cinnamon bought by you smells less potent than its usual smell then it signifies that it is very old and it will not make a good impact on your pimples.
  • If you see no improvement in the condition of your acne after applying the face mask and many other ways to clear it, then you need to consult the doctor for suggesting you some alternative ways.
  • Cinnamon is considered as a potential allergen. If you have any doubt you can check your family medical history or visit your health specialist. Mostly cases of allergy in cinnamon is quite rare. Before preparing any homemade mixture of cinnamon, prepare a small sample of that and patch test can be done with your inner arm so that you can be sure that it is not allergic to you.
  • You must also try to control the level of your stress for preventing acne. Jogging, meditation, exercises and spending time with your pets are activities that help to reduce your stress and anxiety levels by decreasing acne flare-ups.
  •  If you are following any prescription medication, you can ask your doctor whether it is safe to drink cinnamon tea. Cinnamon in many cases can also interact with certain drugs such as diabetes drugs, blood thinner and antibiotics.

How To Prevent Future breakouts of Acne

Some of the things that are responsible fir causing acne is not under our control like hormonal shifts and genetics. Though there are various number of ways you can try to prevent the future breakout of acne.

  •  You need to wash your face twice a day though lathering more often can irritate your skin by leading to more oil production and breakout.
  •  OTC products that contain salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide must be used to prevent the breakout of acne. They help in drying out oils which block your pores. Acne causing bacteria are being killed by Benzoyl peroxide.
  •  Makeup products must be chosen very wisely. The products that are marked “noncomedogenic” or “oil-free” are likely to clog your pores.
  •  Wear loose-fitting clothes which will let your skin breathe to prevent body acne.
  •  You must keep your hands off your face when you are having acne because picking them will lead to scarring or even more acne.

Many people cannot control their pimples with over the counter products available in the market. In this case they need to visit a skin doctor for a prescription for better that can combat acne and blemishes very easily and affectively. Given above are the reasons for you to consider integrating a face pack of cinnamon and honey in your everyday beauty routine. By using their properties you can soothe various no of conditions to make your skin glowing and acne free. Only these two ingredients are enough to provide a great no of benefits for your skin.

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