Healthy Alternatives of tea and coffee as morning Beverage

In most of the Indian households, the first thing that an Indian does is drinking bed tea in the morning. Many of us are so compulsive tea drinkers that we cannot think of starting out the day without a cup of hot coffee or tea. Tea is considered as a wonderful beverage which we can enjoy while chatting with our friends or in a house party or it can be also served as a welcome drink to guests. There are various health benefits in black tea which is rich in antioxidants and the presence of catechins helps in boosting our metabolism and immunity.

Starting our morning with bed tea is not a good idea as it does not contribute much in giving us a healthy lifestyle. It lays a bad impact on our health with the ‘bed tea’ culture. It is also recommended by many nutritionists that one must not start their day with caffeine whether it is tea or coffee. Caffeine must not be given to your body as the first thing if you are having an empty stomach. First of all, you need to line your stomach by eating some solid food before you give caffeine because it can trigger the acids present in the stomach and you will face a problem with your digestion for the whole day. Taking caffeine in the morning causes disruption with the metabolic activities in our body, makes us suffers due to dehydration, it also erodes our oral health and also leads to bloating as milk is present in tea. You can start your day by drinking a glass of fresh juice or some fresh fruits or can also drink lukewarm water with lemon to start your system.

Green tea

The name green tea sounds quite comforting to the tea lovers because it is having the word ‘tea’ in its name after all. Green tea is the closest and healthiest choice to regular coffee or tea. By drinking green tea your skin becomes very bright and glowing and it also helps in reducing dark circles and it is having strong antioxidants and inflammatory properties which helps in defying ageing. It is rich in flavonoids and if you use it on a regular basis your HDL cholesterol will increase and that will bring an improvement in your artery function. You can also consume this magic potion as an Iced cold green tea recipe or as a hot tea if you want to drink something hot in the morning to start your day. To make it tastier you can a dash of honey and you can also use some flavours like Ginger or lemon for making it more interesting.

Green juice

By drinking a glass full of fresh green juice which is prepared from some green vegetables helps in nourishing our body, delights our taste buds and also keeps us healthy. You can consume various green leafy vegetables in the form of juice to stay fit and healthy. You can also prepare a simple juice with tomato and carrot by mixing it with cucumber, beetroot, spinach and gourd. Drinking a glass of vegetable juice is very nourishing and filling because it gives us energy in the form of fibre, vitamins and minerals. It is also an amazing option for those who want to lose weight. The best part is that it is quite adventurous and you can try out something new every day. You can also spice it up by adding some taste enhancers like black salt, mint leaves, lemon or ginger which will make the vegetable juice more interesting.

Fruit smoothies

These are an amazing option on a hot summer day to beat the heat with these fruit smoothies. It can be prepared with the amazing taste of some seasonal fruits along with the goodness of some fresh fruits. A smoothie can be an amazing alternative to tea and coffee in the morning if you want to have a drink which will keep your energy levels high throughout the day. According to your taste and preference, you can prepare a banana smoothie by mixing it with milk or watermelon smoothie without adding any sugar or a normal combo smoothie with peach and pear. To make your smoothie yummy and crunchy you can add some nuts to it.

Peppermint tea

Though the name peppermint tea might sound quite familiar, it is totally different from our regular normal tea. This herbal tea is basically prepared from the peppermint leaves which is a  warm concoction famous for its vivacious flavour. The best thing in this tea is it does not contain any caffeine. So without thinking for the second time, you can choose this healthy alternative to tea and coffee if you really want to stay away from caffeine in your daily life. Peppermint tea is quite popular because it can improve your gastrointestinal health and digestion effectively. You can also try blending spearmint and peppermint together which is known as double mint tea and this is another morning drink having delectable flavour.

Ginger Honey lemon tonic

If you want to drink something warm if you can try this simple yet interesting drink of ginger honey lemon tonic in the morning with an amazing flavour before starting your day. To prepare this you need to add ginger in a cup of warm water and then you can squeeze some lemon juice and try to make it naturally sweet by adding few drops of honey instead of adding sugar because that will kill its goodness. This combination will delight your taste Buds and it is quite refreshing and relaxing for you and your stomach. Many nutritionists also prescribed this tonic for those who want to lose weight.

Herbal tea

Herbal tea can be prepared from spices and herbs and it is almost 100% caffeine-free and organic drink which you can drink in the morning before starting your day. It is an excellent homemade remedy to treat many diseases like cough, temperature, cold and stomach pain. To get the best results quickly you can drink it for at least three times a day. By drinking herbal tea on a regular basis it will keep you away from visiting a doctor. It is such an excellent alternative for tea and coffee to drink in the morning which will keep you healthy and energetic throughout the whole day. To prepare herbal tea you need to boil it in warm water and then your herbal tea is ready to drink. If you want you can also add stevia or a spoonful of Honey to enrich its taste.

Coca drink

Cocoa is known as a rich source of antioxidants and magnesium and it is having almost three times the antioxidants present in green tea. Instead of buying a readymade chocolate drink which is containing milk powder and sugar you can prepare your own beverage at home which will be free of sugar and milk powder and much more healthier than the ones available in the market. For preparing this cocoa drink you need a single tablespoon of cocoa powder and hot milk of one cup after skimming or without skimming it according to your choice. Then in that hot milk, you need to mix a tablespoon of cocoa powder, after this you can add sugar according to your taste and choice and now it is ready to drink. It is an excellent substitute for tea and coffee and kids will love this to drink.

Orange Blossom tea

Orange Blossom tea is an excellent alternative for our regular cup of tea or coffee. This drink was mostly famous in Iran and Europe and it was taken after having lunch or dinner. Orange Blossom tea can be an excellent healer if you are suffering from stomach pain or headache. You can find Orange Blossom tea in the leading supermarkets. This tea is mainly prepared from Orange flower water which is having a sweet scent. This is an amazing alternative of morning tea or coffee which is having a pleasant taste will keep you high on your energy levels. For preparing this Orange Blossom tea u need to add few drops of readymade Orange Blossom water in boiling water or you can also add deep readymade tea bags in a cup of lukewarm water. You can also add stevia or honey according to your taste and choice.

So what else are looking for??  You can swap your morning cup of tea or coffee with these amazing alternatives given above which will bring about some variance in your morning beverages. This healthy options of tea and coffee are equally comforting as your morning tea. By trying out these alternatives, I can guarantee that you will not regret your choice for sure. By enhancing the health quotient of your morning tea you can do a lot of experiment with it. Try out these healthy and tasty alternatives of tea and coffee given above which will make your mornings more energetic and will also replenish your body and you will surely forget your regular cup of tea.

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