Amazing Hair Oils That Help In Promoting Hair Growth

Are you facing problems with hair and seeing that your hairs are falling out in chunks? Experts are saying that it is very common to lose at least 100 strands of hair a day but if you noticed more than that in your pillowcase or your hairbrush then you must visit a Dermatologist to take some serious action to solve your hair fall problems. All of us suffer from problems of hair fall more or less and if you are already having thin hair then it is really stressful. Most women worry about a receding hairline. If you have noticed that your hairs are falling more than usual then you must take a dive little deeper to identify the cause of your hair fall and use some best hair oil for the growth of your hairs and stop them from falling.

Identifying The Causes Of Hairfall

Identifying The Causes Of Hairfall

The problem of hair fall is quite normal but in case of excessive hair fall that indicates an underlying health concern. The factors that are responsible for causing hair fall are given below:


Excessive hair loss might cause due to hormonal imbalance if you have stopped taking any hormonal medication recently or if you have started taking any hormonal medication that might the reason for hair fall. Other reasons for hormonal imbalance are Menopause, PCOD/ PCOS, irregular periods and pregnancy.

Scalp Infection

In case you are having any kind of scalp infection, dandruff or even fungi that could also increase the hair fall; if your scalp remains clogged, it leads to excessive oil production, flaking and dandruff. Try to maintain a healthy and clean scalp by using medicated or a mild shampoo which contains Zinc Pyrithione(ZPTO) or Salicylic acid.


You need to look into your food habits and maintain a proper balance diet if you see your hair is falling out in bunches and you need to take a new medication. You also need to maintain a diet rich in nutrients and vitamins because diet deficient in vitamins A, C, D and E, protein, zinc, iron and biotin is responsible for hair loss. Your diet must have Omega 3 fatty acids, vitamins and minerals if you want shiny and strong hairs.

You should eat foods which are rich in Omega, protein and biotin.

To get happy and healthy hair you must consume eggs, nuts, spinach, berries, seeds (sunflower, flax and chia) and Salman. To combat hair fall you can also take oral supplements which are very effective.


Most of the hair fall is caused due to stress whether you are mentally stressed or your body is in stress due to some kind of surgery or diseases, hair loss remains the common side effect. You can visit a doctor and ask if there is any kind of supplements that are there for reducing the severity of hair loss. Eat more healthy foods if you are stressed mentally and indulge yourself in yoga or meditation or any kind of physical exercises to make your mind calm and peaceful.


We face the problem of excessive hair fall when the weather changes and during the monsoons, we lose most of our hair than usual. The hair fall problems reduce when the scalp and body get accustomed to a new weather condition.

Ways Of Reducing Hair Fall

Ways Of Reducing Hair Fall

Hair fall not only affects our self-esteem but also makes our confidence low-brow. We experience more hair fall when we get older with our age and the structure of our health also changes. To identify the root cause of our hair fall is as important as stopping it in its tracks. Some tips are given below and by applying those you could solve all your hair fall problems.

Maintaining Better Hygiene

You need to wash your hair as many times as it is required. You need to wash your hair frequently if you sweat a lot.

Improve your diet

To improve your overall health and health of your hair you need to add minerals, zinc, vitamins and fatty acids like Omega 3-6-9 to your diet. If you consume these superfoods they will help in changing the quality and texture of your hair completely.

Start taking hair supplements

If your diet is lacking adequate nutrition then you need to visit a physician before you take any hair supplements.

Get yourself ahead massage

If you frequently massage your head and oil your hair once or twice a week then it will help in improving the health of your scalp and also the blood circulation. This helps in stopping hair loss and also promotes hair growth. Becuase messaging skin will encourage the blood to rush up to the area to get healing. To get healthy, long and strong hair you need to get yourself a regular head massage.

Do hair and scalp treatments

We need to use treatment products for our scalp and hair if we are facing any problems of dermatitis or dandruff that will help in bringing back the pH balance of your scalp.

Choose shampoo and conditioner suiting your hair type

We must stay away from moisturizing and heavy shampoos in case we are having an oily scalp because adding a heavy shampoo will make our hair get clogged because our hair is already oily.

Hair Oils That Helps In Promoting Hair Growth

Hair Oils That Helps In Promoting Hair Growth

Oiling your hair once a week helps in increasing the blood circulation on your scalp, stops hair fall, helps in promoting hair growth and also in conditioning your hair. If you want to get glossier, longer and stronger hair then you need to have applied a great hair oil on your scalp. There are plenty of hair oils in the market which promises strong, long and healthy growth of hairs but all of them doesn’t keep their words. You do not need to worry anymore about your hair fall problems because some of the best hair oils which help in promoting the growth of  hairs are given below. There are many options out in the market and choose your hair oil according to your budget and needs.

Coconut oil

This oil is mostly used by the Indians on a daily basis and it has numerous benefits. Its applications are almost endless it is used from hair to skin, and from cooking to cleaning. You can use it in the best way in a hot oil treatment for taming and conditioning your tresses. All of us in our life has got coconut oil massage from mothers at some point in our lives. Coconut Oil is a rich in lauric acid and has anti-fungal properties which mean that it is great in keeping your scalp healthy and free from any kind of fungal and bacterial infections. It also helps in conditioning your scalp and hair and helps in growing new hair.

Olive oil

Olive oil has various health, skin and hair benefits and this very much popular to every health-conscious eater. Olive oil is a little bit costly but it’s worth every penny and you can use it for removing makeup and also as hair oil. This oil helps in nourishing and makes your hair soft and smooth by making it manageable and freeze-free. By using this hair oil you can also get rid of any kind of scalp infections or dandruff; just need to keep it overnight mask for added benefits. The best way you can use olive oil for promoting hair growth is to get a head massage by using this trick once a week. After applying olive oil leaves it for an hour or two and then take stream after taking that you can take shower but you do not need to use any shampoo. You can shampoo and condition your hair in the next day as usual to feel and see the difference.

Sesame oil

Like coconut oil and olive oil, you can also use sesame oil for cooking, hair and skin. Though it’s thick and heavy, it also helps in hydrating your hair and in promoting hair growth. This oil is rich in minerals and vitamins. It contains extracts of vitamin E and B complex. To heal and nourish your scalp you can do a hot oil massage on your scalp which will also help in treating dandruff and add shine plus volume to your hair. By massaging your hair with this oil also will stop premature greying and the growth of thick hair because of the amazing deep conditioning treatment. It is very hard to wash off this oil so you can dilute it with another oil having lighter consistency.

Castor oil

Castor oil is not only good for your hair but also for your skin. This oil helps to grow hair if you use it on your eyebrows, eyelashes and even on your scalp. It is rich and heavy oil and is very preferable for people with dry hairs as it helps in bringing back the moisture to your skin by improving the health of your scalp. You can also use this oil if you want to reduce dandruff and any kind of inflammation on your skin.

Argan oil

This is a magical golden elixir, argan oil is used for both for treating hair and skin. This oil is native to Morocco and is rich in vitamin E and fatty acids, so you can use it for nourishing your scalp and hair or as a finishing serum for taming split ends and to combat with frizzing of your hair. This oil is mostly used as a deep conditioning treatment because it can penetrate deeply through your hair and scalp. It also helps in promoting hair growth, nourishes rough and dry hair to make them shiny.

Rosemary oil

Rosemary oil is basically found in essential oil form and it is a conventional herb that is also having healing effects. It is shown in some studies that Rosemary Essential oil helps in growing your hair because of its anti-inflammatory properties which help in stimulating hair growth by boosting blood circulation. If you want to use Rosemary oil for growing your hair you can do this by adding a few drops of Rosemary oil to any carrier oil like jojoba or coconut. If you can add a few drops of Essential oil in your shampoo and conditioner that will also give the same effect.

Jojoba oil

Jojoba oil is an amazing skin hydrant and has properties which make it similar to the sebum that is already present on our skin. It perfectly absorbs into hair and skin because of its molecular structure. Beyond its skin like property, this oil is also rich in vitamin E, fatty acids, Omega 3, 6 and 9. It helps in balancing sebum production on our scalp and skin to keep it healthy.

If we use Jojoba oil regularly then it will help in improving the pH balance on our scalp. It will make our skin healthy and less prone to hair fall, dandruff and oily hair. By applying this oil on our hair it will not only make them shiny and super soft but also nourishes from root to tips which help in the growth of hairs. This oil is lightweight and easily get absorbed in hairs and easy to wash it off.

Grapeseed oil

Like jojoba oil, grapeseed oil also gets easily absorbed on scalp plus lightweight too. This hair oil among the other oils absorbs by scalp most quickly and is also very easy to wash off. Grapeseed oil is highly beneficial for the skin because it is made from the extracts of the seeds leftover during the wine-making process. This oil is rich in vitamin C and so it helps in boosting Radiance of skin. It is also rich in fatty acids like Omega 3 and 6 and antioxidants. To get maximum healing benefits from this oil you need to use this on your skin, body and hair.

Best oils for hair growth and thickness

Best oils for hair growth and thickness

Note: All of them are suggestions, please consult your doctor before using them for any treatment…

Boutique Bio Bhringraj Fresh Growth Therapeutic oil for falling hair (Rs 159)

In this therapeutic oil, you will get the natural extracts of Amla Bhringraj, Butea, Frondosa and Cantella which is blended with coconut oil and goat milk. All these powerhouse ingredients help in treating hair loss, diminish the growth of grey hair, alopecia and help in nourishing your hair and scalp.

Parachute 100% Pure Coconut oil ( Rs 199)

This magical hair oil is being passed down from one generation to another. It is one of the best brands of hair oil in India because it has been around for decades due to its flawless delivery. If you apply this hair oil it will help in strengthening, nourishing and also promoting hair growth. To treat your frizzy and dry hair you can apply this affordable coconut oil on your scalp and hair to get effective results. You can also use this oil as a natural makeup remover.

Rey Naturals Cold-pressed 100% Pure Castor oil (Rs 195)

This oil is amazing for hair and skin because it is rich in vitamins and fatty acids and this oil help in the growth of your hair. If you want the hair on your eyelashes, head or eyebrows to grow faster apply thicker castor oil on those parts every week to get effective results. It not only helps in boosting hair growth but also great in curing any kind of fungal infections on the scalp. Castor oil is basically rich in texture so for diluting you can add a lighter oil with for easy application and rinsing.

VLCC Hair Strengthening oil (Rs 260)

This amazing hair oil helps in strengthening hair from root to tip and also helps in healing scalp from various infections to protect hairs from any kind of climatic changes. This hair oil not only promotes the growth of your hair by nourishing every follicle but also reduces their fall effectively. The Orange and Rosemary extract present in this oil helps to relax and refresh your scalp and hair.

Bajaj Almond drops hair oil (Rs 265)

Almond oil is perfect for hair and skin because it is extremely rich in vitamin E. This lightweight oil contains 300% more vitamins than any coconut oil. It is perfect for daily use because of its soothing fragrance and texture. Vitamin E present in the oil not only makes hair soft but also nourishes by balancing out your scalp.

Jovees Bhringraj and Olive Intensive Restructuring hair oil (Rs 305)

A most amazing thing about this hair oil is that it is made from extracts of various plant-based oils and rare herbs. It is specially formulated in restoring the volume of hair, boosting its growth and texture and also keeps premature greying at bay. Suitable for almost every type of hair plus cost-effective according to its price.

Soulflower Coldpressed Olive carrier oil (Rs 350)

This organic hair oil not only helps in deep conditioning but also acts as a dandruff controller at the same time. This hair oil is made from the extracts of Vitamin E, K and D3 and olive oilseeds. If you want to grow long and strong hair then apply this oil on your hair for 5 to 6 times a month.

Earth organic Amla Hibiscus hair oil (Rs 310)

The main ingredients present in this oil are Amla, Hibiscus and fenugreek extracts. The natural protein present in Amla helps in the growth of  hair. The Hibiscus helps in reducing hair fall and fenugreek in controlling dandruff. The three organic ingredients present in it brings back life to your hair.

Khadi Natural Vitalising Hair Growth oil (Rs 350)

For strengthening the roots of hair you need to massage your scalp with this Ayurvedic Hair Oil on a daily basis. It not only helps in making hair thick but also prevents dryness and hair loss. This oil gets its superpower from the goodness of coconut extracts, sesame oil, rosemary drops and Indian liquorice.

Indulekha Bringha hair oil (Rs 430)

The shape of this bottle makes this product unique and wonderful because the applicator is in the shape of a comb which dispenses the required amount of oil into your scalp. It is one of the best ayurvedic oils which helps in treating hair problems like scalp irritation, hair fall and dandruff. This hair oil contains ingredients like Neem, Swethakutaja, aloe vera, Amla and coconut milk. It helps in growing hair and adds volume and thickness.

Soultree Revitalizing hair oil (Rs475)

This hair oil is enriched with a lot of ingredients along with gorgeous packaging. It is perfect for everyday use for all hair types because of its lightweight. The Brahmi and Amla extract present in this oil helps in nourishing and strengthening scalp. The Sesame oil present in it makes it perfect for daily nourishment and preventing premature greying of hair.

Eyova Egg Oil for hair growth (Rs 590)

It stimulates blood circulation by imparting dazzling Shine to your hair. This oil has similar deep conditioning properties which are equal to putting an egg on your hair.

Kama Ayurveda Bringadi Intensive hair treatment (Rs 650)

This oil helps in doing deep conditioning treatment while conditioning hair and scalp. It gets free from any kind of fungal infections, reduces dandruff and promoting hair growth and dandruff. Kama Ayurveda oil contains a powerful blend of Ayurvedic ingredients extracted in a way that helps in boosting hair growth reduce premature greying of hair and increasing blood circulation

St Botanica Moroccan Argan Hair Growth Oil (Rs 999 )

This is the perfect oil to nourish your hair from root to tip and also the best hair regrowth oil because it contains blend of natural oils like Almonds, coconut, jojoba, castor, Olive, avocado, Moroccan Argan, Rosemary, Tulsi oil, vitamin E and extracts of Brahmi, Bhringraj, Amla, shikakai and methi. It has got every ingredient to make hair grow healthy and strong. For taming unruly hair you can use it as a conditioner or serum. It is worthy of its price and quite effective to bring the required results.

Royal indulgence Amaira hair growth oil (Rs 1199)

Royal indulgence hair oil is one of the best ayurvedic hair oil for promoting hair growth because it is enriched with more than 12 organic Herbs which help in growing hair and increases its thickness. It will not only condition hair but also strengthen from roots to treats any kind of scalp infections.


Given above are the 15 of the best hair oils which will help your hair to grow, make it free from dandruff and will add shine to your hair. Pick any of the above hair oil according to your need and requirement, it will help in solving hair problems to make them stronger and healthier.

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