10 Best Soap Alternatives For Healthier Skin

As impossible as it may sound, it is actually possible to stay clean and possibly healthier without that forever lying bar of soap in your bathroom. Think about it, there was actually a time when soap did not exist and people stayed without it. How did they do it? Is it actually possible to stay clean without exposing your skin to a host of chemicals? Let’s find out some best Soap alternatives to wash your skin for healthy and glowing results.

Herbal Bath Powder

Don’t even ask about it. I can’t stop going on and on about its benefits. It is being used in India since a long time now and works perfectly fine at keeping your skin clean and fresh as ever. It has always been a popular Indian option for people suffering from skin diseases. If you have ever taken interest in Ayurveda, this might not sound new to your ears. In fact, I can vouch on this option as I have tried it myself. Herbal bath powder helped me in getting rid of my acne. It also helped me in feeling fresh and smelling wonderful throughout the day.


Let’s discuss the composition now. Primarily, it is composed of herbal powders, flower petal powders and essential oils. Sounds simple, right? Making your own herbal powder is a piece of cake. However, if due to time constraints or other unavoidable factors you are unable to do the same you can even buy it online. It is easily available. It is pretty easy to use. You just need to mix the powder in a bowl of water and you are good to go. Apply the same, rinse it off properly and bask in the beauty of your healthy skin!

Soap Nuts

Well, India has given birth to a lot of natural alternatives. Soap nuts are the panacea for everything. If you can use soap to wash it, you can use soap nuts. Be it clothes or your skin, soap nuts are suitable for everything around you. Soap nuts are derived from the fruits of the Soap Nut tree. Contrary to its name, soap nuts are not actually nuts so don’t get nuts. They can be more appropriately described as dried shells of soap nut fruits or soapberries. See, their composition is that simple! Still, they can be put to a variety of uses including washing your cars and windows. Are you excited to learn about how it is made?


Just boil 10 soap nuts in half a litre of water for thirty minutes. That’s all it takes to prepare your soap nut liquid before cooling it down and straining it into a jar. To prepare a body wash from the same, pour half of this liquid into a foaming soap dispenser. Add half a cup of water to the mixture. After this, add just 5 drops of lavender essential oil. Shake well. Your body wash is now ready to use!

African Black Soap

Let’s move beyond India and discover what the rest of the world is up to in this regard. African black soap has just started gaining popularity so might not have heard a lot about it but it has been around for centuries.


It originated in Africa and is made of 100% natural ingredients. Its ingredients include cocoa pod ash, shea butter, cocoa leaves etc. It is indeed a great soap that lathers quite well. I am sure that you will fall in love with it once you try.

Colloidal Oatmeal + Honey + Coconut Oil

Now, this is a composition which not many people know of but it works extremely fine. It is especially a nice option if you have sensitive skin. It works well too if you are suffering from eczema, dry skin or psoriasis. These ingredients help in creating an extremely nice body wash which is very gentle on your skin.


Despite being gentle, this body wash is extremely effective in cleansing your skin. You are not likely to get a lot of foam out of this body wash. However, the slight foam that it creates is enough to get rid of the dirt. You can either opt for creating a small amount and make a new one every time you want to take a bath or make a bigger amount and use it for quite some time.

Natural Clays

Natural clays are simply amazing and they work wonders. This is because they are very efficient in absorbing impurities. They do so straight from the pores which help you in feeling clean for a long time. If you have acne, it will also help in getting rid of inflammation and redness.

There are a variety of clays. However, you don’t need to get confused as I will help you in clarifying the varied properties of the different types.


There are a lot of ways to use natural clay for cleansing your skin. You can either mix the same with pure water, rose water or other hydrosols like kefir or tea. Tea will add an extra healing boost to the mixture. There are indeed a lot of options. The best way to approach would be to try all of this one by one and see what works the best for you. If you have sensitive skin, it is probably a bad idea to mix a lot of ingredients together if you want to keep irritation at bay.

Oily Skin

Almost all clays work fine on oily skin, however, if you are looking for that “extra” touch to your look go for bentonite clay. This clay is super strong. It will suck out every bit of extra oil from your skin and will leave you looking flawless. As I have already mentioned, it is really strong. Therefore, for best results, it is better to use it once a week as a mask. If you want to add more benefits to it, you can add some drops of apple cider vinegar and water to it. This will provide detoxing effects.

Sensitive Skin

People with sensitive skin need clay which is gentle and yet does the trick. Kaolin clay it’s the description perfectly. If you want to clear blackheads and enjoy silky smooth skin, you can opt for rhassoul clay.

Dry Skin

If you want to add lustre to your dry skin, you can add Manuka Honey to the mix. It alone will work wonders. The moisturizing properties of honey are well known for centuries. If you also want to battle acne, there can hardly be any option better than Manuka Honey. Apart from plumping properties, it is also known as an effective anti-bacterial substance. Its effect in this regard is similar to tea tree essential oil. For dry skin type, rhassoul clay, French green clay or kaolin clay can be used.

The way natural clays work is that their natural cleaning agents get activated when mixed with water. This results in the formation of s smooth foam which you can use to lather up and rinse off. If you want to make a body wash out of the clay of your choice, it is an extremely easy task. All you need is half a cup of clay. Just add water to it slowly till the paste gains a silky texture. After this, just add 7 drops of either lavender or lemongrass (for men) essential oils. Just apply this paste on your skin as soap and rinse it off like water.


Who hasn’t heard of Cleopatra? It is a well-known fact that she used to enjoy regular milk baths. She is known as the epitome of beauty in history. Milk can help you too in keeping your skin flawless and mesmerizing. This is because milk contains lactic acid. Lactic acid is an Alpha Hydroxy Acid. Thus, milk effectively removes dry skin cells and leaves your skin feeling smooth as ever.


Don’t worry about the expenses already! I am not asking you to take a bath in a bucket full of milk. Just fill a bucket with water and add 2-4 cups of whole milk or two cups of powdered milk to it. Use this for taking a bath. Don’t dry yourself immediately. Allow your skin to soak in the goodness for some twenty minutes or so. After this, you can opt for scrubbing to remove dirt and dead cells. You will surely have an amazing day ahead after going through this process as your skin will feel more luxurious than ever before.

Orange Peel Powder

Now, don’t get astonished after hearing of this alternative. It might sound weird, but people go for this alternative and enjoy amazing benefits when it comes to their skin complexion. Though it might be hard to believe, orange peel powder has skin lightening properties. It is also packed with and limonene and vitamin C. This will enhance collagen production and you will not just feel but also look like you are 22!


Making orange peel powder is as easy as it can get. You just need to sundry orange peels to a crisp. Later, you can turn them into powder with the help of a pepper mill, coffee grinder or even a simple blender. Your fresh smelling orange peel powder is ready to use. If you want to prepare a body wash, simply add 1/4thcup or half a cup to a bowl and mix it with a little water or cooled green tea. Use this paste to scrub your whole body and rinse off.

Oil Cleansing

There is no better alternative for people with dry skin than oil cleansing. Any good skincare oil will fit the bill but most people prefer either sesame or coconut oil. You just need to pour 1-2 tbsp. of oil into a bowl. Apply the oil to your whole body.

Allow your skin to absorb it for twenty minutes and then take a bath with lukewarm water. Wiping with a washcloth will be enough to remove the excess oil. You will have unbelievably moisturized and supple skin by the end of your shower.

Mashed Fruits

I have a confession to make here. I have only used mashed fruits in the past to wash my face. I have never tried the same on my whole body but I am sure that it will work. Your feedback will be much awaited. Blueberries, strawberries, orange etc. are well suited or the purpose as they are AHAs. Don’t go into the science of it. This simply means that they remove dead skin cells. This will leave your skin feeling soft and smooth.

If you have oily skin, you can go for cucumbers. This works especially well during summers. If your skin has been exposed to the sun for too long, it will help in soothing it. People with sensitive skin can also use it without getting anxious. To prepare the same, juice cucumber and put it in a small sealable inside the fridge to prevent it from going stale.

If you have oily skin, papaya is also a good option. Papaya is an even better option if you are battling blackheads. The vitamin B and Vitamin C in this wonder fruit will strip off your dead skin cells in no time. The variety of papaya doesn’t make a difference here. You just need to blend it and put it in a small sealable dish. You can add a dash of Manuka Honey to it for the extra oomph. You can also use mangoes in the same was as papayas

People with dry skin can trust the magical powers of mashed up avocados blindly. It has unbeatable moisturizing properties.


Well, the soap seen so abundantly on the aisles of the supermarkets is not the best for your skin. The chemicals in it rip off the natural lustre of your skin and disturb its pH balance. These natural alternatives will make you feel like you are enjoying spa treatment on an everyday basis. They are inexpensive and are generally available at everyone’s home. So, what are you waiting for? Try them all and do let me know the results!


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