Types Of Coffee And How To Prepare Them: Infographics

Coffee is one of the most popular but at the same time highly controversial drinks. Some people think that drinking grains are harmful to health, while others cannot live their lives without a cup of flavoured cappuccino or espresso in the morning.

We believe that in moderation, coffee does not harm the body, but on the contrary, it benefits and charges with positive emotions. Coffeelifious made a guide to the popular (and not very) types of coffee.


Espresso is the foundation of the basics and the “Holy Grail” of the coffee world. For the preparation of this drink, hot water under high pressure is passed through a filter with ground coffee beans. On the basis of espresso, dozens of other coffee drinks are prepared.

Espresso – this is the same morning cup-wand, which perfectly invigorates and charges for feats.


And you can order ristretto! He will cheer up just as well. Ristretto is, in essence, the same espresso, but only with a richer and stronger flavour. But in coffee shops, a ristretto is served in an even smaller volume than espresso. As a rule, this coffee is prepared in the coffee machine. Italians especially adore him.


Espresso lovers are often upset that coffee cups fill only a third with a favourite drink. If they need a bigger drink, they choose American. It is made from one or two servings of espresso and more water is added. As a rule, the amount of water used ranges from 30 to 470 millilitres.


A latte is an option for more selective and inventive coffee lovers. It is in lattes that various syrups are often added: caramel, vanilla, pistachio, almond, bubble gum.

This is another coffee, for the preparation of which milk is used. The only difference is in proportions and technology. When making a latte, espresso is added to milk, and not vice versa, as in the case of cappuccino.


Raf-coffee is a drink consisting of espresso, liquid cream and vanilla sugar. In the process of making other drinks, milk or other additives are added to the already prepared coffee, but with the raf-coffee, things are different. Cream whipped with coffee. By the way, they invented this drink more than 20 years ago in the Moscow coffee shop Coffee Bean.

Flat white

Flat White is a fairly common, but not so popular type of coffee. It is prepared in most coffee shops, but visitors often choose more traditional options. And very vain.

Flat White came up with in the 80s in Australia. This is a coffee that consists of a double espresso and steamed milk with a small amount of froth.


Moccachino is often called “mocha”. In fact, this is a special kind of latte. For making mocha barista, chocolate is additionally included in the list of ingredients. And it can be added in different forms: syrup, hot chocolate or cocoa powder.

Types Of Coffee And How To Prepare Them: Infographics


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