Best Vegetable Oil Substitutes for Healthier Diets

To ensure the health and the perfect diet for you and your family all the ingredients you put in the food while cooking does matter and the oil is the most important among them. It may be an unnecessary point for the people who do not care about healthy food or healthy body at all and do depend on their good metabolism totally, but for most people nowadays, a good metabolism after the age of 20 is a myth. So, for good health, good physic & shape, and to stay healthy and free from any cholesterol-related problems one must consider the vegetable oil alternatives for him/her and his/her family.

Why look for the alternative of Vegetable oil?

Now there are many people and even doctors and nutritionists do refer to use Vegetable oil in cooking and hence there is a never-ending debate about healthiness and unhealthiness of vegetable oil. Many people say vegetable oil is good for the heart, good for keeping the blood pressure from rising and reduce the cholesterol as well. Though this kind of claims makes Vegetable oils more attractive and popular as well worldwide, just being popular is not enough to prove that a product does not have any negative point at all.

Though we can not deny the facts, that for some people Vegetable oil proved as very good deal health-wise. There are also people for those neither the vegetable oil nor the alternatives would able to do much as they have really bad conditioned health, so medicine is the only way for them, not just the diet.

Things you should know about Vegetable oil

Vegetable oil is very rich in Omega-3 and Omega-6

Omega-3 & Omega-6 both are recommended for a healthy body, but like all other nutrients -6 also should be balanced. As Omega-6 fats contain a good amount of fatty acids, it can cause skin related serious problems as fatty acid tends oxidized easily when it is exposed to sunlight and hot weather. If you look for the numbers the Omega-3 and Omega-6 ratio should be is 4:1 or 1:2, but in commercial Vegetable oil it is around 15:1 or 16:1. That’s a big difference to consider.

Excessive consumption of foods made out of the best quality vegetable oil also can cause inflammation. That is also because of the imbalanced ratio of Omega-3 and Omega-6.

Like any other commercial food product, vegetable oil contains a lot of chemical preservatives and taste additives. To extract the oil from seeds to produce it at the final level various kind of chemicals are used in different stages of the production. Unwanted chemicals and preservatives can raise problems for elder people and children. Some of the chemicals there have the potential to cause stomach cancer, liver-related problems, infertility, sterility, high cholesterol etc.

So, after knowing these all if you are looking for vegetable oil substitutes then you are at the right place as we are going discuss some of the best vegetable oil alternatives along with their benefits and all.

1. Yoghurt

Using Yogurt as a substitute of Vegetable oil is not that easy, as the ratio of yoghurt needed is completely different than oil needed for the same recipes. But, with little bit practice and you can understand what amount of yoghurt is needed for what kind of recipe, so it is strongly recommended to try yoghurt as the oil substitute because it is the best oil substitute for sure due to the nutritional values it posses.

You can use yoghurt in cooking vegetables, making veg salads or fruit salads, even you can use yoghurt for baking recipes. Other than that, you also cook fish, chicken or eggs with yoghurt as well. While talking about cooking the non-veg recipes I am not advising to add some yoghurt for marination or texture only, instead, I am advising to use yoghurt in an ample quantity and to use not even a drop of oil itself. You can even fry the chickens or the gravy as well just by using yoghurt or fresh curd instead of oil.

Yes, if you cook your food using zero drops of oil, just by using the yoghurt, the food will taste way different from which you are habituated with. It will change the texture, flavour and even the taste of the recipe in all total. Now for every kind of recipe yoghurt instead of oil is not a good idea, but there are many recipes which will taste better with yoghurt than it would with oil.

While you are using yoghurt for cooking, always use unsweetened yoghurt with natural flavours. Though for some specific deserts’ preparation you can use, flavoured yoghurts. If you are going to cook some baked recipe, then Greek yoghurt is the best fit for it.

In baked recipes like cakes, brownies, bread, yoghurt adds an extra coat of moisture, so you should keep that in mind. While browsing at the shop for yoghurt, look for high-fat yoghurt as it will, add natural oil to the recipe and also enhance the flavour to the maximum level.

You can also use yoghurt or fresh curd for marinating meat or eggs. Using curd for marination will make sure that the pieces are tenderized enough but not having any extra moisture upon it, so will frying it won’t feel soggy.

You can also add yoghurt to your oil-based recipes to reduce the use of the oil and to add a good mixture of flavours from both the yoghurt and vegetable oil.

2. Olive Oil

Here comes the second-best substitute for vegetable oil. It is an oil product itself, and sold commercial around the world. Olive oil is full of nutritious value and does not contain much hazardous chemicals or preservatives within it, Olive oil is much costlier than any other oil available in the market.

It is filled with antioxidants which helps the human body to fight against various diseases and virus. Olive oil also consists of a good amount of Olefinic acid, it helps the human body to reduce inflammation. Inflammation is a big reason for which one needs to avoid oil, but Olive Oil is completely different in this matter. If you do not like the flavour the food made with yoghurt or butter, then Olive Oil is the thing for you.

Olive oil is also very good for the heart and reduces the chance of stroke as well according to studies. Plus, olive oil-based foods are a great diet for reducing the blood pressure according to medical experts. It has proven to be effective for the fight against Alzheimer’s disease. As according to study olive oils can help to remove the plaques the brain cells which causes Alzheimer’s disease.

Furthermore, Olive oil is also very good for fighting the risk of type 2 diabetes. If your inherits the genes from a diabatic family you should start consuming olive oil as a precaution from now on.

If you are looking for oil itself, to substitute the vegetable oil then Olive oil is your best bet for sure, without any doubt. Even the fitness freaks, models, players whom you follow do consume this oil instead of any other. Also remember, you will be needing less amount oil for your recipe in comparison of any vegetable oil.

3. Butter

Butter is the most known, most used and most popular alternative of vegetable oil. Butter has its flavour, contains a good amount of natural fat, does not contain any unwanted chemicals, but butter is very high on calories. Butter has so many calories that many people just avoid consuming butter to avoid excessive calories.

Though the presence of the high amount of calories butter is a very good choice as it contains various vitamins and minerals within it to along some amount of protein as well. So, form the nutritional point of view butter is a very good oil alternative any day.

Not just the Vitamin E, A and D but also the protein itself in the butter help people to get energy within no time from the food and butter is very good for a patient who just had gone under surgery, as butter helps to heal the wound fast as well.

If we talk about the flavour, of course, you will a different flavour and smell coming out of your food, and if you are no milk allergenic, you might going to love this flavour. The tasty also do differ a little, but not a miles apart from the oil-based recipes.

The high amount of saturated fat, high amount calories make butter food to avoid for the people suffering from obesity or going under a low carb diet. But for any other normal person, children, sportsperson or fitness freak, butter is a very good food to consume. Even the people on low carb diet can consume butter in a limited amount to get high energy out of quickly, but in a dish, where the whole recipe is based on butter itself may not be good for them.

As butter does not increase the risk of high blood pressure and also does not push one to face the cholesterol-related problems, butter is a better choice than vegetable oil any day.

4. Applesauce

Applesauce is a very good substitute solution for vegetable oil. Applesauce is a very healthy option as well. It is not a very rare item as it is used popularly for baking as it adds more flavour and also creates a layer of moisture upon the baked dishes which keeps the food crunchy.

Talking about the nutritional facts, Applesauce is superior to any vegetable oil as it contains Vitamin C and a decent quantity of fibre. One more very important things are Applesauce consists of much fewer calories, so it is a very good solution for people in the low-carb diet. Though remember it is no medicine without any side effect, so excessive consumption regularly can be hazardous to health.

Remember, back in the market you will find organic Applesauce as well as inorganic Applesauce. Always buy the organic Applesauce for better nutritional values. The inorganic Applesauce is much sweeter and tastes better, but it contains extra sugar as well as high-fructose corn syrup as well.

Applesauce can be considered as a vegetable oil alternative for various kind of recipes but it is best for making spice cake, carrot cake, chocolate cake & muffins, gingerbread cake, and various other bread-based baked and non-baked recipes.

Now if you talk about the amount needed for recipes as an alternative to vegetable oil, you will need the only ¾th of the amount of oil you needed, that means around 75% of oil needed.

One more thing to consider that the food will also get cooked faster with Applesauce than it has with any oil. So, you need to adjust the temperature of your oven according to that and you will also save 5-10 mins of cooking time as well.

Applesauce has a different and unique texture of its own, which adds a different flavour to your recipes, with some specific recipes Applesauce is even better than any oil. With good persistence and balanced recipes, Applesauce may change your preferences in texture.

5. Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is a very good idea as an alternative to vegetable oil. Coconut oil is not very popular among all type of people. It is not suitable also for all kind of geographic places. Coconut oil is mainly famous among the people from coast sides around the world.

It also contains a good amount of saturated fats which many people may be thinking twice before using it as the primary cooking oil. But, the point is Coconut oil is natural, so no external ingredients used within it, so it is much safer than any vegetable oil in the market.

Coconut oil has saturated fat, so of course, on excessive consumption, it can cause inflammation. But, still, it is better than other vegetable oils as it is much safer.

The taste of coconut oil is completely different from any other vegetable oil and Olive oil, but the fact is some people love the taste. The taste, the flavour, the texture all comes up to be different with coconut oil. But for some recipes out there coconut oil is the best.

6. Avocado Oil

Avocado oil is very uncommon oil which is used by a rare amount of people, as it is very unheard for most of the people. It is not the best but a good substitute for regular vegetable oil. It has some certain benefits, and points which makes it a considerable option.

It is made out of avocado, so it contains fatty acid just like olive oil, so yes it is good for health and immune system as well.

Avocado has lutein within it, so as the oil also. Lutein is very good for our eyes. The Lutein in Avocado oil helps us to fight against the risk of getting cataracts and macular degeneration, so health-wise Avocado Oil is something to consider.

Avocado oil is also good for absorbing certain nutrients from other particles, which ensures better nutrition all the way. Also, Avocado oil reduces the risks of Arthritis. It can be used for marinations, grilling, preparing sauces, stir-frying, light frying, and even for baking. The amount needed is also like any other vegetable oil.

The problem with Avocado oil is it is very rare, and you can find very few grocery stores even a very little number of supermarkets which sells Avocado oil. SO, finding online is the way, but there you may need to spend more than actual.

Wrapping Up

Other than the above discussed you can also use Indian Ghee, Molten Mayonnaise, Purees and even mashed fruits as oil alternative for various recipes. But vegetable oil substitute which you depends on the health condition of yours and your family. In general Olive Oil and Yogurt is considered as the best alternatives. In some cases, the doctor may prescribe you to consume more butter or ghee based food, due to some medical or surgical needs. But, if you just want to explore the tastes of different flavours of oil then you should try all of these above, as all of them worth trying and all of them are unique and beneficiary in their unique way. Also from all the point of view, all the above alternatives are better than any commercial regular vegetable oil whether it is refined or not refined.

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