Best Alternatives for Coffee in the market

Coffee is the most popular morning beverage around the world, but many people are looking for alternatives due to various medical reasons. Most of the Coffee lovers do describe their perfect cup of coffee as a stress buster and a basic remedy for headaches. But because of the high amount of caffeine, which is almost 100mg per cup, can cause headaches instead of healing it. As well as regular consumption of caffeine on a high level can cause nervousness issues, agitation related symptoms even can escalate up to nervous failure as well. For some people, coffee can even cause digestion problems, liver-related issues as well.

Now whether it is for the medical hazards which Coffee posses or for the bitter taste of Coffee which you do not like anymore, or just you looking for a break to change the taste, here we will discuss the best Coffee alternatives in the market. Though there are only a few of them, we will only be discussing the best and the most popular alternatives.

1. Chicory Coffee

If you are looking for a Coffee alternative to avoid caffeine, then Chicory roots are the best one for you. Just like the Coffee beans, Chicory roots are also roasted, brewed to make an appreciable hot beverage as a snack as well as a morning beverage. The scientific name is Cichorium Intybus.

If you compare the taste with Coffee, then you will find it very similar, you can consider it as a caffeine-free version of Coffee.

Talking about the nutritious value of Chicory, it is very rich in inulin. Chicory Coffee also contains Soluble Fibre, which is very good to aid indigestion, also it enhances the growth and affectivity of good bacteria which also considerably benefit our health. Particularly it is for the growth of Bacteriophobia and Lactobacilli according to experts.

Chicory Coffee helps to stimulate the gallbladder to produce more bile, which is very good for fat digestion, so Chicory is also very good people in a low-fat, low-carb diet.

You can find both the pre-ground and roasted Chicory Coffee in the market, so you can prepare the coffee just by using the regular procedure. You can simply brew it in boiled water or you can use the regular Filter Coffee Maker or Espresso Machine.

The amount needed is around 2 tablespoons of grounds for 180 ml of water.

Though Chicory Coffee is not free from all the health hazards as excessive consumption can create mal-digestion related issues and gastric oriented problems. According to experts, one should avoid Chicory Root consumption if pregnant or breastfeeding, to avoid any side effects and potential health hazards.

2. Chai / Tea / Black Tea / Liqueur Tea

Chai or Tea is the most popular morning beverage second after the Coffee. Chai is very famous around the world, but especially in South Asia and Middle East Asia. It is often come with a different kind of preparation, with or without milk and many times with some herbs and spices as well.

Many people around the world are switching from Coffee to Chai every day. Even western countries are also having increasing numbers of Chai consumers.

As we know the best quality Chai or tea leaves are farmed in India, some of them are Darjeeling Tea, Assam Tea, South Indian Munnar Tea, Nilgiri Tea etc.

Tea contains almost half amount of Caffeine, along with a chemical substance called Tannin, which helps to improve mental alertness, so Chai is a better morning beverage than Coffee any day.

Remember that both the Black and Green teas made from Camellia Sinensis plant. Black tea processed via a fermentation process, because of which the normal chemical components do change. While green tea is more natural in chemical substances.

According to many studies and doctors (including my family doctor) do prescribe Black tea over any other morning beverages at it reduces the chance of heart-related disease as well it reduces the acidity and gastric oriented problems.

Addition with milk and Ginger it becomes a complete health drink of a sort. In black tea or liqueur tea (called normally by many people) one can add lemon juice, ginger, cinnamon, honey, apple sauce etc. to spice it up more.

The best thing about the chai is the robust flavour and comforting smell, especially in the case of Darjeeling tea and Assam Tea.

In preparation you simply can boil some tea leaves with water and sugar, to make a cup of black tea, but if you want to have more exotic taste, you should search over YouTube as there are lots of preparation are possible and available related to Chai or Tea, including, Ice Tea, Masala Chai, Malai Tea etc.

To make a special tea you can avoid water and can make the whole process just by boiling fresh milk as well.

Offers less caffeine, offers Tannin unlike any other morning beverages, as well as you can have the taste of various kind of preparations, which is an exotic choice to fall for. Apart from Chai or tea is beneficiary to health and also it reduces the chance of heart attack, acidity and gastric as well.

3. Golden Milk

Another great caffeine-free beverage as an alternative to Coffee. Apart from that Golden Milk is very rich in nutritious values. Golden Milk is not something sold in the market, instead, you have to prepare it at your kitchen. The ingredients Golden Milk consists make it a natural painkiller, very good de-toxicant, helps to heal any wounds, and also provide a good amount of calories and strengthen the body muscles as well.

Normally it is a home-made recipe, which consists of various ingredients and spices. This recipe is originated from India, hence it has to be a little spicy. Golden Milk is a beverage which has to drink warm to be effective.

Golden Milk consists of various ingredients like Ginger, Cinnamon, Turmeric (very essential), Black pepper, Sugar etc. You can also add Cardamom, Vanilla, Honey, even some Bananas to make it heavy.

Turmeric has powerful anti-inflammatory properties because of its chemical composition. Turmeric consists of curcumin which adds the inflammatory property to the Golden Milk. It is a very good alternative of coffee, and suitable for children to aged people. Doctors advising to drink Golden Milk is very common also.

One more ingredient Black pepper increases the ability to absorb Curcumin, which in turn enable the body to absorb fat from the food as well. It is a very good solution for thin people who want to gain some mass.

Normally Golden Milk is prepared using fresh milk, but you can use Greek yoghurt or even any other non-dairy milk alternative like soya milk. Golden Milk looks great, taste great, also it is beneficiary for the health in many ways.

Regular consumption of dairy-based beverages can cause inflammation or excessive body fat gain as well. So, do consider talking to you dietician before adding Golden Milk to your daily diet.

4. Matcha Tea

If you are a green tea lover or looking for a Coffee alternative, Matcha Tea is the solution. Matcha is a variation of green tea produced from Camellia Sinesis plant. To produce Matcha tea, it got steamed, dried and ground and the final product is in a fine powder form.

As Matcha is a green tea, to consume it you have to consume the whole leaf, which ensures you are getting most of the concentrated and saturated antioxidants particles i.e. Epigallocatechin Gallate (EGCG) and many more.

Because of the presence of a huge amount of intoxicants, and the presence of EGCG, Matcha tea is very good to reduce the risk of blood pressure. Along with that, Matcha also reduces the risk of type-2 diabetes, also helps to digest the fat, which helps to reduce boy fat gain.

The flavour of Matcha is different than Coffee and also different than any green tea. The flavour of Matcha is very fresh and natural, and it is refreshing too, so you can have it as your morning beverage as well.

To prepare the Matcha tea, add 1-2 teaspoons of matcha powder into very hot but not boiling water, and stir it well to make the powder dissolved. To make it tasty, you can add sugar or honey according to your taste. You can also add fresh milk or powder milk or any non-dairy alternative of cream for colour and flavour.

Matcha contains Caffeine but the amount is much less than any regular cup of Coffee. Because of the antioxidants, Matcha tea is very good for health. Preparing Matcha tea in boiling water can make it extract more Caffeine than you need, and can also make the taste bitter.

5. Lemon Water

Lemon water is a very common, easy to prepare alternative morning beverage which can replace Coffee. Lemon water is very healthy, and a must to add if you are following a low-carb diet.

Lemon Water is not just only Caffeine free, but it is also a Calorie-free drink, perfect options for people in the strict-calorie diet. Apart from that Lemon juice contains an ample quantity of Vitamin C, which is very beneficiary for health.

Vitamin C is an antioxidant, plus Vitamin C strengthens the immune system. Vitamin C protects our skin from ultra-violet radiation. Vitamin C is a very essential component for creating collagen, which is a kind of a protein and it strengthens the basic structure of our skin and ligaments.

Vitamin C also reduces the chance of Anaemia, Tooth loss, as well as strengthen dental health as well.

To prepare, all you need is a glass made out of Ceramic or Glass, warm but not boiling water and lemon. You can use any type of acidic lemons for to prepare the Lemon water, you need to add around 15-20mg of lemon juice into 200mg of warm water, and you must drink it warm as well, to reduce the chance of acidity.

Though for taste and flavour you can add some more ingredients to it, like sliced fruits, flavour oriented herbs, mint, basil etc. For natural water, you can add Cucumber slices or Watermelon as well. For sweetness, you can Honey, which also a very good ingredient for preparing the morning beverage.

Summary Lemon water is a simple drink to make and cheap as well, but it has various health benefits, and it is a perfect fit for people on strict low-calorie or low-carb diet. Lemon Water is also considered as a basic therapy for the fat people, as it helps people to get rid of inflammation. Though if anyone has weakened liver, and tend to have acidity problems after eating almost anything, he/she should consult the physician first before adding lemon water to their regular diet.

6. Yerba Mate

Yerba mate contains natural caffeine but it is a herbal tea made, it is made out the dried leaves of South American holly tree, called Llex Paraguriensis. Never had this one by myself, I only have read about it online.

This is a good alternative for those people who do love caffeine but do not like the taste of coffee any more. As many people do not face any medical problems due to caffeine, but they got the board off the taste of Coffee, for them Yerba Mate is a good choice, as it contains ample quantity of natural caffeine, and it is a very good morning-energizer caffeine-based beverage for adults.

The amount of caffeine present in one cup of Yerba Mate is almost similar to the one cup of coffee itself, which is around 78mg of caffeine in 250mg of Coffee.

According to some studies, Yerba Mate consists of more antioxidants than any other commercial green tea. Also, it contains Vitamins C, Vitamin E, Riboflavin, Thiamine, Phosphorus, Iron, Calcium etc.

To prepare, just steep the tea balls into boiled water for 3-5 minutes and you can then filter the water and pour it into a fresh cup to serve. You can buy Yerba Mate tea bags, to make the process even easier

So, Yerba Mate provides the same amount of caffeine as coffee, along with the nutritional benefits of Riboflavin, Thiamine, Phosphorus, Iron, Calcium and vitamins C, E. And a huge amount of antioxidants. But according to some studies, regular consumption of Yerba Mate possess the hazard of lungs and breast-related cancer.

Wrapping Up

Rooibos Tea, Apple Cider Vinegar, Kombucha are some other alternatives to Coffee.

Rooibos Tea is a caffeine-free beverage from South Africa which has a low amount of Tannin based antioxidants, but also it interfaces with the Iron consumption of the body. While Apple Cider Vinegar is produced via a fermentation process using crushed apple, yeast and probiotics and bacteria. It is good for Insulin control and Blood sugar stabilization. Kombucha is also a garmented product made out of black tea, probiotics, yeast and sugar.

Now it is up to you why you are looking for an alternative of coffee, is it the caffeine or the taste or the flavour, chose accordingly from the list above.

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