Alternatives to Curd for Cooking and Low-Carb diet

Most people like Curd and Yogurt as they are tasty, healthy, low on carb and fat, but it can cause a problem to people who have lactose intolerance or milk allergies. Curd is also a very good ingredient for cooking various recipes as it adds another extra flavour to the dish. Curd helps to marinate chicken and fish well, as well as it helps to thicken up the gravy. But some people do not like the smell of curd and yoghurt hence they can not eat it, and some people have some allergies or lactose intolerance so they can not consume Curd or Yogurt even if they like it.

So here comes the need to find the alternatives of milk-based curd and yoghurt. There are many alternatives available which can replace curd and yoghurt from your menu along with some plus points as well. Though you will find many products at the market which are non-dairy yoghurt and curd but made with probiotics or so-called good bacteria. However, you need to know first about the types of those products and the pros and cons of them so that you can choose the right one for you.

Go through this article in full to learn more about the alternatives of Curd and yoghurt and once you come to know about them, it will be easier for you to choose the product for yourself. Even if you eat normal Yogurt or curd, you can try these alternatives for a good mix and match in the food you consume.

1. Soya Yogurt

Soya Yogurt is completely a dairy-free yoghurt made with probiotics in a factory, sold in the tetra-packed paper containers. As the name says it is made of Soyabin, so it contains a good amount protein just like dairy-based curd or yoghurt. Though there is a difference between the taste of the normal yoghurt and soy yoghurt, while Soya Yogurt is a little bit sweeter, it does not taste like Soyabin at all. So, while you are adding it for marination or preparing gravy, there you must consider the sweetness of the soy yoghurt so that the taste does not jeopardise.

You may find these kinds of Yogurt in the near grocery shops, and almost in any supermarkets and departmental stores. You can find Soya Yogurt at online stores as well. However, you may not find various flavours of Yogurt in this Soya Yogurt category, at least I have not seen any yet. So, if you are looking for flavours like Greek Yogurt, Sweet Curd, or Mango Yogurt you will be disappointed. But, if a dairy-based product is your problem, soy yoghurt is a good solution for you.

2. Coconut Yogurt

Coconut yoghurt is a very popular ingredient among many food lovers and chefs, because of its unique flavour. Apart from being an alternative to commercial yoghurt, coconut yoghurt has made its place in the market. While talking about taste, if you are not a fan of coconut’s taste, then this one is not for you at all. To make Coconut Yogurt, first the coconut milk is made by, which is fresh and natural, afterwards, the probiotics are been added to the coconut milk to prepare the dairy-free yoghurt alternative.

In taste, coconut yoghurt is a little bit less sour than normal yoghurt but it has a completely different flavour. In case of nutrient values, it contains less fat and less protein than dairy-based yoghurt, though it contains various vitamins and lots of natural nutrients. In short coconut yoghurt is good for health and can be consumed by anyone as I have never heard of allergies related to coconut, but it is not suitable for diabetics. The main negative point coconut yoghurt has is the less amount of protein, so not good for a person on a high protein diet. Coconut Yogurt is mainly consumed as an ingredient for many cool recipes. You can easily find coconut yoghurt online and in any supermarkets near you around the world and the price is also reasonable.

3. Almond Yogurt

Almond yoghurt as the name said, it is made of rich Almonds, very good non-dairy alternative to curd and yoghurt, and it is very suitable for people on high protein diet as well. To make Almond Yogurt, first, the Almond milk is produced by using some specific preparations. Then the good bacteria or probiotics are added in controlled temperature to produce the Yogurt itself.

In case of taste, as it is made of Almond, it will be quite sweeter than normal Yogurt. The sweeter flavour must be considered to understand the proportion needed in case if you want to add this to a cooking preparation of yours. While talking about the nutrition value of Almond Yogurt, you get all the benefits of Almond, like a good amount of Protein, high-quality fibre, and complex vitamins and minerals as well. Almond yoghurt is not just tasty, it is good food for bones and grant high energy as well. Though Almond yoghurt consists of the very little amount of probiotics in compare to other yoghurts, it is a very healthy alternative, especially for people with dairy allergies. It is a little bit uncommon in many parts of the world, so buying from online stores is a good idea, if the supermarkets and grocery stores near you do not sell them, and remember Almond Yogurt is costly as well because of the high price of the Almond itself.

4. Live Active Cheese

Nothing much to say about Live Active Cheese, as most of the health food stores, supermarkets and grocery stores sell live active cheeses regularly. It is a very common product which serves with various nutritious values. Almost all the vitamins, minerals, same amount of protein, calcium and all other benefits of yoghurt, probiotics can be found in Active Cheese as well.

Now you should keep in mind that Active Cheese is also a dairy product, so if you have a problem with milk this one is not for you. But if you are one of them who does not like the taste of milk-based yoghurt but need to add yoghurt anyhow to the diet, then Live Active Cheese is for you. It is also a very good source of protein and calcium for the vegetarians. Not only as an alternative to yoghurt but, to cook and make some great preparation with veggies Live Active Cheese is a very good and popular choice. While browsing for Live Cheese, look for “live active” or “probiotics” labels on the packet.

5. Kefir

Kefir is another milk-based Yogurt alternative in this list, which is filled with loads of good bacteria. If you do have a problem related to constipation then consuming good bacteria or probiotics in ample quantity is needed for you and there comes yoghurt and its alternative Kefir.

Kefir is a milk-based product, the processing procedure is completely different from curd or yoghurt as Kefir is produced from milk via a fermentation process and it is the best alternative of Yogurt in terms of probiotic count in it. Not suitable for people who hate milk, but it is suitable for people who have milk allergies as because of the fermentation the tendency of allergies gone reduce by a considerable level. It is also a good choice for people who do not like the taste of normal curd or yoghurt. It’s a little harder to find and some don’t like the taste. I’ve found mixing it with fruits helps make it taste more like yoghurt.

Some of the companies do also make non-dairy versions of Kefir, which are being liked by many vegans as well. You will not find multiple flavours for this product, but Kefir is smooth enough so you can add some other flavours or homemade preparation within it. Kefir is not very easy to find the product everywhere, so I would recommend you to try online to Buy Kefir.

6. Probiotic Supplements

It is a very good and well-needed solution for those who are vegan but has the problem of obesity, also it is a well-needed solution for vegan fitness freak and bodybuilders. Even after drinking a lot of dairy products the ample quantity of probiotics can be missing out from your diet, to ensure the good amount of probiotics or good bacteria in the diet, Probiotic Supplement is a good idea. It is not an ingredient which can be used for cooking, it is to fulfil the need of the good bacteria or the probiotics in the body without consuming curd or yoghurt itself.

If you are a vegan bodybuilder then consuming Probiotic Supplements along with Soyabin yoghurt or almond milk or almond yoghurt is going to be proved as a very healthy idea. You can buy the Probiotic Supplements in the supplements store, medicine shop, supermarkets and even online.

7. Buttermilk

Buttermilk is tasty, but a little bit salty, and can be used an average alternative for Yogurt. According to nutritious value, Buttermilk is not a good as the Curd or yoghurt, but many people do like drinking it because of its unique taste.

But Buttermilk is specifically a very idea for marination and cooking preparations. You can use it as the alternative of Yogurt in marination and the quantity needed is almost the same. Even if you need yoghurt or curd for baking, dressing or using it as a sauce, then also Buttermilk can serve as a great alternative as well.

8. Silken Tofu

Silken Tofu is an alternative to yoghurt but not as a direct consumable, but as an ingredient for cooking. Medium Firm Silken Tofu will add a nice, smooth consistency in your preparation. It is good for your heart and cardio patients, as it contains low cholesterol and but a good amount of protein. Though Silken Tofu lacks the flavour a little bit so, to add flavour you can use some other sweetener or other lime flavours as well to make it spicy or tangy.

Wrapping up

We have talked about all kind of curd/yoghurt alternative for all kind of needs, now it is up to use which you want to try. But to find the best one for you I would recommend you try each of them at least one time. But, do consider if you are allergic to milk before trying the milk-based curd/yoghurt alternatives.

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